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Fiona Sit Hoi Kei and Chapman To Man Jat in the film THE BOUNTY (YUEN HUNG) worked together for the second time.  Because they were both crazy, when they worked together they could create a lot of comedy and set off many sparks.  However they too had their serious sides.  In one scene Fiona and Ah Jat was in pursuit of a criminal with a bounty of 400,000.  They kept searching along the river.  Fiona slipped and fell in, luckily Ah Jat saved her in time.  Because the shoot took place in the dark around a country stream, Fiona often heard toads.  She was not afraid of toads or snakes.  When she shot the drowning scene, for realism she not only struggled with her entire body in the water but also drank a few mouthful of river water.  All the men in the team including Ah Jat praised her professionalism.

Actually the day before the drowning scene shoot, Fiona also completely another wet scene.  In it she and Coconut Guy (Mainland actor Ziyi) played a drinking game.  The loser had to remove a piece of clothing at each round.  Finally Fiona was left with a tank up and even took a cup of hot water on the head.  In order to keep from hindering the progress, Fiona before the official shoot already rehearsed with her co-star many times.  Finally she was able to complete this scene successfully.  When Fiona thought that she could breathe a sigh of relief, due to good weather the drowning scene was moved to the next day.  She could not help but ask the director wanted to use "woman is made of water" metaphor?

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