Thursday, June 21, 2012


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Gigi Leung Wing Kei directed a micro movie for the first time.  Yesterday she attended the Women Micro Movie media event in Shanghai.  She admitted that she had to take care of everything during the shoot.  Although it was tough this was a chance to challenge her. Her husband also gave her a lot of support.

Was she very mean when she directed?  Gigi said that she was not, she still was very gentle.  The process was relaxed and she would not give anyone pressure.  Yet after the shoot she had sciatic nerve pain.  Have directors yell at her before?  She said very rarely, maybe because everyone was afraid that she would cry.  She originally intended for Angelica Lee Sinjie to play the boss lady in the film, but she was traveling and she could only perform herself.  As for her friend Charlie Yeung Choi Nei being rumored to wed her old flame at the end of the year, Gigi has not heard and would ask her when she had a chance.  She felt that Charlie's life was fulfilling and comfortable so she did not need to be in too much hurry to wed.

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