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Gregory Wong, Eva Lee

Wylie Chiu
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Sexy star Wylie Chiu Shek Chi after realizing that she was in love with a married businessman Danny immediately ended the relationship.  The heartbreak did not affect them.  Earlier she led pretty girls with outstanding figures Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga), Celia Kwok Wing Yi and Eva Lee Mu-Ching to work on the film poster for YUT LO HEUNG SAI (A ROAD TO THE WEST).  Before the shoot they drank red wine for courage.

During the shoot Chiu Shek Chi with her long career line carried the banner.  Lead actors Gregory Wong Chung Hiu was on top of Lee Mu-Ching.  Pseudo model ancestor Chiu Shek Chi said that the ladies got along harmoniously and did not fight over positions.  She said, "Everyone is a good friend.  I am grown up, what haven't I see.  I have been mad and I have been scared."

Kwok Wing Yi this year will release a photo book and admitted that in the film she performed in the nude and had no bottom line.  Cheung Woon Nga said that in the film she had to pleasure herself, thus she rented some adult videos to study and practice at home.  Lead actor Justin Cheung Kin Sing also pointed out that in the film he battled four beauties.  Although he used athletic support when he removed the tapes he would hurt the worst pain for a man.  Jeana Ho Pui Yu did not attend the shoot and needed a stand in for later addition.

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