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The KEKEXILI and CITY OF LIFE AND DEATH director Lu Chuan directed Emperor new film THE LAST SUPPER (WONG JI SING YIN) starred Daniel Wu (Ng Yin Cho), Liu Ye, Chang Chen, Qin Lan.  Yesterday lead actor Ng Yin Cho as Xiang Yu in a "hegemon armor" costume still was unveiled for the first.  Ng Yin Cho wore the around 40 pounds Xiang Yu "hegemon armor".  Reportedly the entire armor was completely hand made, from inside out it followed strict orders and based on recovered heritage standards.  Produced in six layers, when Ng Yin Cho put it on he only had a pair of shorts.  The outermost layer had a soft leather and a heavy armor layer.  The heavy armor was made from gold plated bronze and was particularly precious.

Ng Yin Cho at first did not know that he had to appear in the armor, thus when the "hegemon armor" frightened him during the costume fitting.  The armor's complex design made him suffer.  The outdoor location temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius.  He even had action scenes.  Thus he joked, "Every time as soon as the director yelled cut, everyone fought to remove their costumes.  Everyone sweat out at least 2 liters."  Later Ng Yin Cho decided to work out everyday to handle the physical demands that the shoot required.  During the shoot many on and off camera personnel collapsed due to heat stroke, Ng Yin Cho was able to handle it at will.  Playing Xiang Yu's concubine Consort Yu, He Dujuan spent 2 full hours to complete a scene in which she put the armor on Xiang Yu.  She said that being able to dress the man she loved into a mighty general truly felt like quite an achievement.  She was very able to experience the love between the Hegemon-King of Western Chu and Consort Yu.

Director Lu Chuan said that THE LAST SUPPER hopefully would be able to stick to a type of "return to actual history" realistic attitude.  "We hope viewers will be able to experience historical visuals with a solid sense of time, we also hope to prove one point that history should be worth respecting."

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