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Cherie Chung Chor Hung yesterday attended a jewelry store opening at Central.  Hung Goo appeared in an over HK$5 million tiara and looked like a princess.  Hung Goo however said that when she was little she did not imagine herself to be a princess.  She joked that even if she was a princess she was a princess in distress.

Hung Goo yesterday attended with Claudie Chung Chun and her assistant.  Did Hung Goo sign with her?  She said that she was her friend and they were often in contact and met for dinner.  Was she paving her way for a comeback?  Hung Goo said that a film production would be too far off.  Right now she did not deliberately think about it as she would let everything take its natural course.  She was afraid that no one would watch her movies.  Now very few scripts have been offered to her.  If she was going to she would have a long time ago.  If she had a good script would she turn it down?  Hung Goo said that she would leave it up to fate.  She did not think too far off, of course partners would also be very important.

Who would she like to work with?  She said that she did not think about that nor did she dare to.  She said, "Who would watch me?"  Reporters said that she was very popular as she quickly had over 10,000 followers online.  Hung Goo said, "It took around two weeks."  Hung Goo also said that a movie about environmental protection might be able to move her.  Even if she had to work the field she would not mind.  Would she mind playing a mother?  She said that she did not know how.  She could take care of animals and plants, but children she was afraid would be hard to control.

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