Thursday, June 21, 2012


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40 year old Julian Cheung Chi Lam last night worked on his new film DAI SHOOK NGOR OI NEI (UNCLE I LOVE YOU) in Shanghai.  In the film he played a man of his own age who developed a romance with the 19 year old female lead Mini Fu.

The always well known Chilam grew facial hair to add weathered and mature flavor in hopes of being even more convincing.  In one scene he had to carry Mini Fu and rode on a motorcycle together. Chilam said that he maintained his state of mind young and had no generation gap at all. He even joked that he was very young, so friendly that he could campaign for Regional Council.

Earlier Chilam's wife Anita Yuen Wing Yi brought their son to Shanghai.  Was she supervising?  He said no as they spent Father's Day together.  Their son Demon Child drew him a card.  After completing the film at the end of July he will return to Hong Kong for TRIUMPH IN THE SKIES 2 (CHUNG SEUNG WON SIU 2), which will shoot on location in Europe. He looked forward to it very much.

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