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The film YUT LO HEUNG SAI (A ROAD TO THE WEST) yesterday shot in Yuen Long's Clarence Film Studio.  In the story actor Justin Cheung Kin Sing, Gregory Wong Chung Hiu and director Mark Wu Yiu Fai went to pick girls at a night club.  20 sexy women participated in the shoot.  New comer Angelina Zhang (Cheung Woon Nga) was the sexy as she stole the show with her 34D bust.  Yesterday Wylie Chiu Shek Chi who visited the set had her thunder stolen due to what she wore.

Chiu Shek Chi said that she was only visiting the set so she would not risk too much.  She said that seeing a group of sexy girls even she was bursting with joy, as she wanted to whistle like men.  Chiu Shek Chi will guest star in the film.  Earlier during costume fitting she wore a see through pajamas.  Because she did not use pasties that day, the resulting stills were peeking through.  Thus during the shoot she would probably put on pasties before performing.

Was she afraid that the stills would be publicized?  She said that she was not because she was very friendly with the director the investor Stephen Shiu Jr.  Actually when she posed for the photo she deliberately curled out as she did not want to stand out too much. Gossip magnet Jeana Ho Pui Yu was also a part of the film.  Was Chiu Shek Chi worried about gossips?  She said that she was not afraid of gossips and comparisons, but she admitted that Jeana was a strong rival.

Cheung Woon Nga said that in the film she would not resist nude performance, only she still has not made this scene yet.  When asked who she saw as a rival, she boasted that she had no rival.

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