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The Media Asia film MOTORWAY (CHEH SAU) will be released on June 21 in Hong Kong and the Mainland simultaneously.  The 2012 Locarno International Film Festival received this film's European premiere right.  MOTORWAY will be screened in Locarno's largest Piazza Grande, the venue could occupy 10,000 viewers.  Soi Cheang Bo Shui, Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Shawn Yue Man Lok were very excited.  They said that they have never watched a movie with 10,000 people and wanted to try it; yet because they will be working in August, they for now cannot confirm whether they will be able to meet the audience in Switzerland.

70% of the film are car races and chases that took over several dozen cars to complete.  The actor who drove the most was Yue Man Lok.  In the film 80% of his time was in the car.  Wong Chau Sun joked that he was very lucky that he did not have to drive because he was not interested in cars.  Lok Jai on the other hand loved cars and thus director Cheang Bo Shui arranging this character for him made him very happy.  Yue Man Lok said that at first before he read the script, the director said him that his character was a cop and he was very disappointed.  He thought, "Police again?"  Later when he realized that actually he would be an invisible driver, he was rather interested.  He said that men love cars just like women love diamond.  They would be loyal to the end, perhaps it came from the desire for control.

Lok Jai personally performed most of car scenes in the film.  He wanted the audience to experience the highest sense of realism, which gave director Cheang Bo Shui a big headache.  In case of accident he not only would have to worry about actors but also the cars.  If the cars were totaled, he had to immediately call someone for a replacement and the production cost would increase.  The two car race on the Kennedy Town Pier even had a martial art duel feel.  The director asked for two cars to brutally crash to add to the excitement in order to achieve the bumper car effect with real cars.  Lok Jai also was hurt during this scene,
luckily it was only superficial.  The director however was scared half to death.

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