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The Dennis Chan Kwok Sun directed, Liu Xiaoqing, Charlie Yeung Choi Nei and child star Lin Miaoke starred film 37 will open June 1.  Earlier the film held a premiere press conference in Beijing.  Liu Xiaoqing revealed for the first time her secret of playing a Mongolian mother.  Yeung Choi Nei due to work was unable to attend but shared her experience over the phone.  After a long time away from film, Liu Xiaoqing said that she performed in this film without any salary.  The director was very touched.  When she first met with Lin Miaoke the impression was also particularly good.

Liu Xiaoqing mentioned that on the set she and Miaoke sympathized with each other because they both had allergy.  However, in order to make this movie good, everyone worked very hard despite the difficulty.  In the film Liu Xiaoqing not only shaved her eyebrows, wore a mouth piece and dark make up but also sang original a Mongolian song.  Chan Kwok Sun revealed that Liu Xiaoqing not only personally performed the singing but also did not go to a recording studio, as she performed live on the plains.

Earlier, Liu Xiaoqing's subversive look in the film was unveiled.  Everyone said that this look truly was pleasant surprise.  Liu Xiaoqing joked that it was both unexpected and expected.  What attracted her to make another comeback?  Liu Xiaoqing said that 37 was a good script that she has been waiting for after so many years.  When she first received the script she was very nervous.  It was the biggest challenge in character creation in the last 20 years, but such a challenge was both exciting and meaningful.

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