Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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Harwick Lau Hoi Wai and Mini Yang Mi starred in the film HOLD JU OI (HOLD ON TO LOVE), which yesterday held a trailer release. The venue was decorated like a wedding.  When asked to reprise their proposal and kiss scenes, they appeared to be very awkward and declined in order to preserve their privacy.

The event gave a pair of wedding dolls to Lau Hoi Wai and Yang Mi and they used the dolls to kiss in their place. Lau Hoi Wai was unwilling to kneel.  He said, "The privacy matter should be left for the important moment."  However they could not help but hold hands and waists.  The director revealed that during their kiss scene their "kissing could not be stopped".  Yang Mi kept her boyfriend company even when she was not in the shoot.  She was very nervous when she watched his scene in the water.

Lau Hoi Wai said that he still has no plan to wed and their work schedule has been very busy.  Yang Mi said, "Now is an age without secret, if in one day we will get married we won't be able to fool anyone."  They have already met each other's parents. Lau Tan gave his future daughter in law Yan Mi 100 points.  Yang Mi happily said thank you. Lau Hoi Wai also said that his father and Yang Mi got along very well.  As for what he admired the most in his girlfriend, Lau Hoi Wai said, "Nothing I don't like."

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