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Father Lau was all smiles when asked about his granddaughter
Felix Wong, Andy Lau, Michael Miu, Kent Cheng celebrate Miu's birthday early
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According to the microblog HKCHANNEL quoting Ming Pao Weekly's report, Andy Lau Tak Wa's daughter has been named "Lau Heung Wai".  The report explained that Lau Tak Wa wanted to have another.  In addition, Lau Tak Wa even personally handled the process at the government's the Birth and Deaths General Register Office.

The report claimed that Lau Tak Wa held celebrations on June 9 and 10.  Lau Tak Wa honestly talked about his family, but when his "family" (fans) asked about "Little Dragon Maiden's" name he kept his mouth shut.  Earlier Lau Tak Wa was rumored upon advice from a guru to be considering the name "Lau Wan Sin".  Finally the Heavenly King's baby was named Lau Heung Wai.

Lau Tak Wa's family moved to Manhattan Hill for Chu Lai Sin's post maternity recovery.  Friends in the industry were familiar with his personality and kept away from disturbing him.  According to family and friends who have seen "Little Dragon Maiden" most recently, she looked very pretty.  Even though she was only a month old she already had a beautiful face. "The baby doesn't look too fat, her big eyes and nose look
like Mama's, her ears resemble Lau Tak Wa's the most."  When asked about her family, after some hesitation the person said, "Lau Tak Wa named her 'Lau Heung Wai'.  I can only reveal that much!"

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