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Andy Lau Tak Wa since the birth of his daughter has rarely been outside.  Two nights ago on the "Little Dragon Maiden's" one month celebration, he held a fan meeting to share his joy of fatherhood with fans and celebrated.  Many media outlets waited outside but Wa Jai in order to avoid reporters chose to enter through the back door.

Wa Jai's loyal fan Christine Auyeung Miu Chi brought her sons.  She said that both sons liked Wa Jai's songs very much.  Wa Jai often played with the children as well.  Has she seen the "Little Dragon Maiden"?  She said, "Not yet, wait until she is finished with front four and back six (maternity leave) first!  Today I would personally congratulate him.  (Did you want to make a match?) Of course I do, but I know he has always been low key."  She excitedly said that she was lucky enough to receive a celebration gift, she did not know whether it was Little Dragon Maiden's hand print or a design.  When she got home she would add it to her collection.  Auyeung Miu Chi immediately changed the subject as she was afraid that Wa Jai would get mad.  "This year the fan club heads toward its 25th anniversary, we definitely have to celebrate.  The first time I worked with Wa Jai was 21 years old on June 9.  I would have to remind him in a bit!"  In addition, the film A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH)'s director Ann Hui On Wa and Roger also appeared at the event.  They at the direction of the fans signed autographs on the A SIMPLE LIFE book.  What gifts did they give "Little Dragon Maiden"?  Ann did not respond and only said, "Congratulations to him!"

Wa Jai did not meet with the media at all.  After the event, he on the official site posted a photo that consisted of over 1,000 hands.  Conceivably Wa Jai's family of three were in the photo.  "Little Dragon Maiden's" little hand grabbed Mommy's while Wa Jai's hands held theirs.  He said, "Pairs and pairs of hands, full of heavy sentiments, with love all around, our family would become warmer and warmer."

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