Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Felix Wong suffers a muscle tear from soccer and is out for 3 weeks
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Michael Miu
Felix Wong says Andy Lau's reluctance to leave home now is normal
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Michael Miu Kiu Wai, Felix Wong Yat Wa, Simon Yam Tat Wa and others yesterday attended a Hong Kong Automobile Association press conference.  Yam Tat Wa said that lately he has been busy with his new film FEI SEUNG GAING JEUNG (EXTRAORDINARY POLICE CHIEF), in which he played a cop.  He said that now his days and nights have been swapped.  Sometimes he was so tired that he had to give business to little red and little green (taxis).  However Yam Tat Wa insisted on watching soccer matches at night.  He would only watch one though because she truly was too tired.  He also revealed that he also planned to spend the summer with his daughter and wife in London.

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