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Jaycee Chan (Fong Cho Ming) succeeded his father for the first time as he worked on the new Taiwan director Chang Hsun-Wei's new action comedy DOUBLE TROUBLE (BO DOH SEUNG HUNG).  Two nights ago a premiere was held in Beijing.  Father Jackie Chan made an exception and personally appeared on the red carpet to cheer on his son Cho Ming.  He also gave Cho Ming barley, a metaphor for the film to be a big hit.  Cho Ming smartly went on one knee to accept his Old Man's gift.  He said, "I kept thinking he is lacking here and there.  He isn't as hard working as me, as determined as me.  Since I felt he isn't as good as me in anything, if he achieved a score of 80, I would like him to get 100."

Jackie Chan pointed out that now he has begun to encourage his son.  "Many people thus yelled at me, saying that Cho Ming has already done very well.  I shouldn't keep scolding him.  When I got home, I would  get yelled at (Joan Lin) too, blaming me for being like that.  When I was making THE KARATE KID, how Will Smith treated his son made him realize that I had to change my old way of thinking.  From now on, I will say Fong Cho Ming is the best."  However, Jackie Chan on the stage still could not help but strictly "criticized" Cho Ming.  When he heard his son shedding tears after an injury on the set, he repeatedly said that he was too shameful.

Cho Ming personally performed almost all the stunts in the film.  Director Chang Hsun-Wei complimented how much risk he took on numerous occasions.  Jackie Chan said, " After seeing the film in Cannes I was very pleased, I thought from now on I wouldn't make this type of big action films and leave it to Siu Fong Ji.  POLICE STORY 6 or what, I would leave them all to him.  I will just make 2 YOUNG 2 (JO SHOOK 2), BREAK UP CLUB 2 (FUN SAU SHUET OI NEI 2)."  Jackie Chan even said that Joan Lin (Lam Fung Giu) kept reminding him about the event at night since they woke up.  He also said in the end, "Thank you everyone for supporting Fong Cho Ming.  You are the best!  I said that for his mother."

As for the sudden support and praise from his father, Cho Ming said that he was very scared.  He joked, "Suddenly hearing such praise I was highly frightened.  Just now on stage my heart beat very well."  Cho Ming joked that he did not know actually Mama's words were so useful.  yet he would not make a film as dangerous as POLICE STORY.  He believed that his Old Man was just joking and promoting the film.

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