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Recently busy with promoting her film in three lands on both sides of the strait, Angelababy yesterday attended a SK-II COLOR all new spring and summer cosmetic event.  Speaking of Father's Day two days ago, she said that because she did not return to Hong Kong until late she asked her mother to take her father out to celebrate.  Although she was unable to celebrate with him, they were able to see each other at night.  She said, "Papa just celebrates a birthday and I gave him an iPhone.  I still haven't given him a Father's Day present yet."  Earlier Baby revealed that she would give her new film tickets to rumored boyfriend Huang Xiaoming's father.  She said, "I gave to all the fathers.  My father even cried from watching.  (Did you give a Father's Day gift to Papa Huang?)  No, I have been very busy lately.  I didn't even send a text message.  (Are you worried that the elder would complain?)  No!"

Baby was rumored to be signing with Mainland's Huayi Brothers.  She admitted that her manager Kim was in negotiation with them, if it was truly confirmed she would tell everyone.  As for rumors that Shu Qi will sign with Huayi as well, would she like to work with Shu Qi?  She said, "Of course, she is a female artist who I like.  I have seen her movies, she is a sexy goddess.  (Would she ask Huang Xiaoming for advice before signing?)  At work we are very separate.  (For how much would you be willing to sign?)  I don't know, I never thought about it."  She also said that she and Huayi have worked together many times, it was a trustworthy Mainland company.

In addition, Huang Xiaoming recently worked with Chow Yun Fat on the new film THE LAST TYCOON (DAI SEUNG HOi).  Earlier when they met the press, Xiaoming was accused of having a plastic face.  Baby admitted that she read the news and thought that they looked very much like each other but they were quite different in age.  She said, "That proves Fat Gor is well kept.  He is very young.  Earlier at a Hong Kong premiere I saw Fat Gor, even I was under his spell.  His eyes truly were electrifying!"  In real life did she feel Xiaoming's face was plastic?  She said, "I didn't, his skin is even better than mine!"  Today Baby will head to Shanghai for an ad then she will join a film production.  She admitted that advertising was good money so she made as much as she could before joining the production.  On the other hand she would not look at the salary for film productions, as long as the opportunity was good she would be very happy.

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