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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing after working with Charlie Yeung Choi Nei earlier on Yim Ho's FLOATING CITY (FAU SING) again worked together on the film CHRISTMAS ROSE (SING DAN MUI GWAI), but this time Charlie has been elevated to directing.  Sing Sing in order to fulfill his buddy's directing dream worked on the film for a friendly rate.  In the film he even played a lawyer for the first time, often appearing stylishly in a sharp suit during the shoot.  Making her directing debut, Charlie even invited Taiwan goddess Kwai Lun-Mei and new actress Wan Qian to match Sing Sing so they could set off new spark.

Earlier Sing Sing, Kwai Lun-Mei, Wan Qian and Theresa Lee Yi Hung worked on Wellington Street at Central.  Around 4PM, Sing Sing and Wan Qian worked on a sweet dating scene.  A simple shot took Charlie over 30 minutes as she tried to be perfect.  Later the production team went to a store in Kau U Fong and transformed it into a design company.  As the store was being transformed, Charlie too the time to shoot another shot with Sing Sing and Wan Qian as Sing Sing drove to pick up Wan Qian.  She also explained the scene to them.  After shooting that scene, Wan Qian completed all of her scenes and the team applauded to send her off.  Sing Sing opened his arms to give an enthusiastic hug to his new partner.  When Wan Qian left, she gave a 90 degree bow to show her thanks to all of the workers.

While waiting for the shoot, the team brought a lot of beverage in push carts and said that this was Sing Sing's manager Siu Mei's "treat".  Lee Yi Hung often chatted with workers.  Director Charlie and a child actor watched the playback at the control center; Kwai Lun-Mei walked over to Charlie to discuss the later shoot.  After that, Kwai Lun-Mei even passionately hug Charlie and asked her assistant to take a photo of them.

Around 7PM, two water trucks arrived in the Kau U Fong location in preparation for the man made rain shoot.  In pajamas Kwai Lun-Mei sat in a wheelchair.  Sing Sing drove to the design company.  Without an umbrella he awkwardly pounded on the door.  Kwai Lun-Mei answered in her wheelchair.  During a bad take, the crew immediately fixed them up and dried them completely.  Charlie was not sloppy at all during the shoot.  Not only was she after perfection but also took care of the actor's actual condition.

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