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For the 15th anniversary of the Hong Kong Hand Over, Xinhua News Agency earlier interviewed Nicholas Tse Ting Fung.  This formerly rebellious and stubborn boy is now already a mature, wise and responsible man.  However, as he said, show business "is not as glorious as everyone sees on the surface".

When Ting Fung first got into the business, when her performed people threw glow sticks at him.  He said that he kept getting glow sticks and foul language thrown at him until around 20, jeers off the stage became silence then applause.  "That was a very happy process, it wasn't like I succeeded as soon as I walked out."

Now performing more and more stunts in action films, Tse Ting Fung's health actually has always been poor.  Due to the irregularity of show business operation and how demanding he has always been on himself, he often had to rely on sleeping pills to sleep.  As soon as he started he has been on them for 12 years.  The source of giving himself pressure, he who was always full of self confidence in front of others admitted, was from having suspicions and fear almost everyday.  "Actually being in this business is very painful.  You are under the watch of others every second of every minute.  You have to evaluate anew every word you say, everything you do is magnified.  It is miserable."

What upset Ting Fung the most was others' concern for his love life always overshadowed his hard work.  "In recent years many people said to me, you worked very hard on THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN).  Actually in my 15 year career my attitude has never changed.  In the past you were always talking to me about who I was dating.  Now you finally are willing to see Tse Ting Fung the person and his work."

15 years ago, Hong Kong film still had variety.  Nowadays Tse Ting Fung expressed some regret, in particular his long beloved action film is in the midst of the generation gap.  "So when you ask me why I am so stubborn when I make movies, why I insist on doing it myself, because there is no one to take the baton."  He admitted that he did not come from a martial art background, he could only under the motivation of his dream tough it out with his spirit. "You can say I am not an action actor, you don't dare to say I am not an actor who risks his life.  In my movies, I am the one who jumps from the 41st floor."

Ting Fung was asked about Hong Kong's changes over these 15 years.  He thought for awhile and said mischievously, "This Earth has many more iPads!  I feel Hong Kong is still good, it can still insist on many of its own style.  You can buy what you want to buy, for travel and promotion it is great."  He said that such a small place could still have certain influence on the entire world, relying on just its 7 million people it was  considered decent.  Yet without the Mainland it still would fail.

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