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Media waited outside the hospital

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Miriam Yeung posted a photo of her playing mahjong the day before
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa yesterday gave birth to a 7.6 pound baby boy.  First time father Real Ting Chi Ko around 4 could not wait to post the good news online.  "Super invincible thank you Wifey, RMB is finally born!"  Friends like Eason Chan Yik Shun, Joey Yung Cho Yi, Hins Cheung King Hin and Denise Ho Wan Si also sent their well wishes online.

Ting Chi Ko yesterday already posted online around 6AM that today's weather would be great and he was in a great mood.  Obviously he was very excited about his son being born.  Chin Wa in the afternoon gave
birth to the baby.  Yesterday Ting Chi Ko kept Chin Wa company and went to the delivery room together.  Ting Chi Ko said that he was very nervous when he entered the delivery room.  When he heard his son cried he was moved to tears but he had to hold it in, because the first thing that I had to do was hold his wife's hand and said, "Thank you, Wifey." Then he went to see his son.  He admitted that when he thanked his wife he truly wanted to cry.  The entire process was very memorable and moving for him.  He held Chin Wa's hand the entire time.  He said that he would never forget this moment in his lifetime.

Did he personally cut the umbilical cord?  Ting Chi Ko said that he did not as he left it to the doctor.  When he first saw his son, he thought he was "very handsome".  With his high emotions he said, "He is handsome because he looks like me."  However, he immediately added that the baby also looked like Chin Wa.  He was also very handsome looking like Chin Wa.  He pointed out that Chin Wa just had a baby and felt tired, but she still wanted everyone to share her joy.  She said, "I want to tell everyone, I am a mother now.  Thank you all for your well wishes."  Chin Wa's new song DEAR yesterday was sent to radio station.  This song was about family.  It was meaningful because Chin Wa at the time was carrying the baby and sang "the duet".  She never imagined that this song would welcome the little life.

After the news of Chin Wa's motherhood was announced, friends all sent their well wishes.  Shawn Yue Man Lok who was working in the Mainland happily said, "Truly all the congratulations to Chin Wa, I heard the baby is very handsome, but is he as handsome as Cheung Chi Ming?  During the LOVE IN THE BUFF (CHUN GIU YU JI MING) promotion I faced Chin Wa everyday.  Haha, when I get back to Hong Kong I have to visit her and the baby first."  Chan Yik Shun also said, "Thousands of congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Ting.  I wish peace to the entire Ting family, fortune, health and happiness."  Joey Yung Cho Si said, "Super invincible congratulation to you and thanks for all the hard work Chin Wa, haha, The birth of another Gemini kid, he definitely will be energetic and mischievous son!"  Ho Wan Si said, "Congratulation congratulation, I wish a healthy and happy growth for the child!"  Cheung King Hin, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Hilary Tsui Ho Ying, Liza Wang Ming Chuen and others all left congratulatory messages to Chin wa and Ting Chi Ko.

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