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The 2102 Shanghai Film Festival invited 4 women, Gigi Leung Wing Kei, Tian Yuan, Huang Yi and the film SOPHIE'S REVENGE director Eva Jin to each make a woman micro movie.  The Gigi directed micro movie is called LUCKY COOKIE.

Last week, Gigi lead a team to a tea house on Tai Ping Shan Street in Sheung Wan to shoot LUCKY COOKIE.  The entire family even came in support.  Her husband Sergio brought her son Luna, Mother Leung and friend Valen Hsu (Hui Yu Won) to cheer her on.  Sergio was on hand until the wrap, running around and bringing tea to his beloved wife.  Luna was also very obedient and played with the team.  It even demonstrated its Hand Hand trick and made everyone laugh, lightening the serious work environment a little.

Gigi originally was worried that she would be distracted, thus she only planned to write and direct.  Later after finishing the script her friends thought she could not be more suitable for the role.  After further consideration she decided to perform.  In addition, Gigi's junior colleague Shaun Tam Chun Yin due to his love for photography also became one of the film's actors and even the photographer.  Other actors included Yumiko Cheng Hei Yi, Ken Hung Cheuk Lap and Hotcha's Crystal.  Their performance would made the first time micro movie director Gigi very satisfied.

In the film Gigi played a cookie shop boss.  The story revolved around this boss' countless encounters.  Aside from selling cookies that made her customers happy but also building relationships with them.  Whenever she saw a customer in trouble, she would put notes inside the cookies as encouragement and resolution for customers.  The entire film displayed the concern between people.  Crystal in the film played a girl who dreamt of stardom, Hung Cheuk Pa played a shy guy who wanted to meet a girl.  They were portraits of young people's lives now.  Tam Chun Yin and Yumiko played a couple who always argued.  Boss Gigi resolved their dispute for them.  On the day of the shoot, Yumiko was very happy with a floral arrangement.  she was completely different from the always arguing look in the film.  Hung Cheuk Lap before places often took photos from the side to save valuable memories from this performance.

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