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The June 21 Hong Kong release MOTORWAY (CHEH SAU) in one day took in HK$1,021,774 and was the only film to break 1 million at the box office that day.  Nine new films were released on the same day but MOTORWAY left them far behind at the box office.  In second place was PROMETHEUS with HK$399,275 and in third SADAKO 3D made HK$303,599.  Along with the past weekend's advanced screenings, MOTORWAY's total box office has already HK$2,194,381.

Yesterday morning when director Soi Cheang Bo Shui and Shawn Yue Man Lok learned about the box office performance online they were excited beyond description.  In particular Cheang Bo Shui since ALIEN in the 70s has seen PROMETHEUS director Ridley Scott as his idol.  Now his work surpassed his idol's, the feeling of which could not been written about. The director said that since the early morning he has already received congratulations from many friends.  He was so excited that he could only respond, "Congratulations!  Thank you!"  He earlier did not dare to have too much expectation for the film.  Now after the box office performance was confirmed, he described, "It's just like a dream!"

Currently working on a Mainland series, Yue Man Lok could not hide his surprise when he received the box office result.  He immediately cheered on the director online and at the same time thanked all the friends who have supported and attacked him.  They made him even stronger. He hoped the film will continue to perform better and better, at the same time he also hoped to make time to return to Hong Kong and celebrate. The other lead actor Anthony Wong Chau Sun was also felt excited but very humbly said, "I am not the male lead, it's just a guest starring role! It's because Yue Man Lok is so cool that the film performed so well.  Of course the director deserved the most credit.  He came up with the entire story, which was well made and had a lot of effort."

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