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Chingmy Yau's husband Shum Ka Wai attends in support of friend Shawn Yue
Josie Ho
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The film MOTORWAY (CHEH SAU) two nights ago held its premiere.  The film company applied for a road block near the cinema.  Director Soi Cheang Bo Shui led Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Shawn Yue Man LokGordon Lam Ka Tung, Josie Ho Chiu Yi and others to arrived in six almost HK$4 million luxury sports cars.  Lok Jai was a car lover and said that he knew the car dealer sponsor.  He already got his card in the car.  He said that he has four vehicles now, two of which have not been operated for too long and could no longer be operated without repair.  Reporters joked that he could get a girl to "start the car"?  He joked, "Thank you for your concern!  I will try to find a real one as soon as possible, don't bother writing about the fake ones."

Wong Chau Sun, Yue Man Lok and director Cheang Bo Shui earlier appeared on a TVB Entertainment News interview.  Wong Chau Sun and Yue Man Lok not only discussed their new film MOTORWAY's production in detail but also their own private impression of the other.  They have worked together on JUST ONE LOOK (YUT LOOK JEH).  Ten years later they worked together again on the new film MOTORWAY.  Chau Sun said that he felt Yue Man Lok's thinking was much more mature and was upwardly mobile.  He was a very rare actor.  Yue Man Lok admitted, "When I made JUST ONE LOOK I thought Chau Sun was very mean.  I was afraid that he would yell at me.  However, this time I no longer had that feeling.  I felt Chau Sun was not as terrifying as described.  He treated me like a son.  We have more exchanges so he didn't have to remind me in a lot of areas."

Yue Man Lok said that Chau Sun was very in character.  Constantly before the cameras rolled he was already in character.  Everyday he drank sake until he was drunk and worked under the influence.  Chau Sun defended that the character required it and he only had his mind on the role.  He even joked, "My salary is low, I am a big extra in support Yue Man Lok.  When accepting a movie I not only would look at salary, script and co-stars but also the set had to have few pretty girls.  Then I can reduce trouble and distraction."  In the interview Chau Sun even boasted that MOTORWAY will have decent box office.  As for awards, Yue Man Lok admitted that he never won any film award before so he did not know how to answer.  He pointed out that Chau Sun won so many that his arms were numb.  Chau Sun struck back immediately, "If someone said 'Uncle Wong, tea's on me!' Would you viciously drive him away!"

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