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The hit film that made NT$300 million in Taiwan, DIN TAO has become this year's highest grossing Taiwan film.  The film two nights ago held its Hong Kong premiere.  Director Fung Kai and actors Alan Ko (Or Yau Lun) and Alien Huang (Wong Hung Sing) attended.  Yau Lun was the son of the late actor Blackie Ko (Or Sau Leung).  For his first starring role, his sister Yau Chun and her husband both came to Hong Kong to support him.  Blackie's friends like Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Michael Miu Kiu Wai and his wife Chik Mei Chun, Teddy Robin Kwan and others came to support him as well.  Yau Lun was so emotional that he hid backstage and cried.

Yau Lun said that he appreciated the director for insisting on casting him.  In the film he even had the chance to say what was in his heart to his late father, as he stated that he was also proud of his father.  He also was very happy that the film was a big hit in Taiwan and said, "Papa blessed it.  Mommy was also very happy and breathed a sigh of relief.  After ten years I finally have a movie.  Mommy also saw this film in Taiwan but did not dare to return to Hong Kong.  She was afraid that she would be too emotional."  Speaking of many uncles' support two night ago, Yau Lun admitted that he was very emotional too and even hid backstage and cried.  He thought that being able to bring his film to Hong Kong was a great Father's Day present for his late father.  Recently Yau Lun was linked to Michelle Chen in rumors.  Would he invite her to watch this film?  Yau Lun said that he watched her YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE but did not know whether she would watch his film.  He believed that she was supportive of him.

Hok Yau was in constant contact with Yau Chun and even played tennis with her husband.  With the summer vacation on the way, he said that his daughters would stay in Hong Kong and he would teach them how to play.  Speaking of Andy Lau Tak Wa's daughter one month celebration, Hok Yau said that he read the news but has not have the chance to meet "Little Dragon Maiden".  Reporters said that he was a Heavenly King so he should have a chance to see her once; Hok Yau joked that he was in the same class as the reporters.  Although he was a Heavenly King, he already added the words "over the hill" to the title.  Reporters joked that he not only was a Heavenly King but also Song God.  Hok Yau said, "Ha, the street is full of Song Gods."  After completing his world tour Hok Yau will first rest and spend more time with his daughters.  He said that his daughters often said that they missed Papa, but when they saw him they would only watch television.

Tsang Chi Wai said before Blackie's passing, everyone told him to relax as they would take care of his children.  Thus this time everyone responded with just one call.  He learned that Yau Lun has been very nice and worked hard to perform well.  Later he planned to approach him about his own movie.  Speaking of Father's Day, Chi Wai said that this year the most special was his new grandchild, who was also the best present.  Recently his former wife was rumored to be in love with her assistant who was more than ten years her junior, Chi Wai said that was decently.  He also said that when his father was alive, every year at his birthday his former wife would come to congratulate him.  Yet now they are rarely in contact.

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