Thursday, June 14, 2012


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Shawn Yue Man Lok's new film MOTORWAY (CHEH SAU) will be released simultaneously next Thursday (21st) in Hong Kong and the Mainland.  In the film he and Big S (Barbie Hsu) had romantic scenes.  He even had to keep pursuing Big S, who kept on rejecting him.  Luckily in real life that has not happened to him yet.  While in pursuit of Big S he drove in circles around her, which frightened her because she did not know how his driving was.  She was afraid of being scarred!

Big S joked that on the day of the shoot the crew kept telling her not to worry, which made her from being not worried to being somewhat stressed.  Later after she and Lok Jai communicated and learned that his driving was top notch, she was no longer worried.  Actually this was the third time that she worked with Lok Jai.  She said that everyone had a pleasant working experience.  She even discovered that Lok Jai's acting quite was a pleasant surprise as it improved a lot.  When they worked together they had spark.  His Putonghua was very fluent with a Taiwanese accent, which made her feel very close.

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