Monday, June 4, 2012


Liang Jing, Guang Hu, Simon Yam
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Simon Yam Tat Wa two days ago attended the 4th Cross Strait Film Exhibition forum and opening film DESIGN OF DEATH's premiere.  Brother Wa was very friendly everywhere.  He not only interacted with fans but also answered all questions.

Two nights ago Brother Wa with director Guan Hu and supporting actress Liang Jing attended the opening film DESIGN OF DEATH premiere in Taipei.  Brother Wa was not worried about the box office.  He thought that in comparison to box office performance, viewer feedback after the screening would be even more important.  This time he in the film played a quack, which was quite different from his usual police image but he rather liked this character.  The director did not have to spend much time to convince him before he quickly agreed.  However, Brother Wa also felt that lately he made many mob films and police films as well as gigolo roles, he hoped that his future work would be able to return to the essence of "love".

Aside from performing, Brother Wa also wanted to direct and star in a pure romance.  When will he director?  He joked, "Then let me sell my house first!"  He said that everything was still being planned, but he revealed that he liked Taiwan very much.  He would like to work with female Taiwan stars like Ivy Chen and Michelle Chen and guys like Joseph Chang and Jerry Yan.

The 4th Cross Strait Film Exhibition has already begun on June 1 in Taipei and Changhua.  On the 13th it will move to Xian.  Then six films with authentic Taiwan flavor will be screened in Xian.  They included FORMOSA DREAM, DISRUPTED, PICK THE YOUTH, ABBA and LEAVING GRACEFULLY.

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