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Wilfred Lau (second half) and Joey Yung 
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Wilfred Lau Ho Lung earlier revealed that he was dating Joey Yung Cho Yi.  Actually Hu Ge got to her before he did.  In the film DIVA, Hu Ge and Yung Cho Yi had a kiss scene.  Playing a blind person Hu Ge joked that even the blind would open his eyes to a wet Joey.  He praised Joey's lips as very soft and the kiss unforgettable.

Joey and Hu Ge played a heroic rescue of a wet beauty kiss scene. They went into the river and Joey fell, the blind Hu Ge had to save her. During the shoot they had several bad takes, and Joey's clothing was wet and then dried several time. Hu Ge joked, "Facing a wet Joey, my sight was attracted; but I played a blind person, very uneasily I was able to settle my eyes.  During the kiss scene, Joey has good lips.  They are particularly soft and are unforgettable after a kiss."  Joey laughed, "I haven't kissed in a long time, because of that they are very well kept."

Joey was not worried about rumors with Hu Ge and even praised him to be a good man who knew how to take care of others.  "When I was wet and in his arm, I felt his strong arms.  Which girl wouldn't like that?"  Even a scene in which Joey guided Hu Ge had an accident.  She accidentally fell into a hole and scratched up her limbs. Hu Ge joked, "Even the blind didn't fall into a hole, Joey would be even more realistic as the blind person!"

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