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The Angelababy and Mark Chao (Chiu Yau Ting) starred innocent young romance FIRST TIME since its nationwide opening on the 8th not only obtained good word of mouth but also decent box office.  Thus two nights ago director Han Yan and Angelababy went to Beijing cinemas for audience appreciation.  Baby even revealed that her first love was only a crush.  She even imagined her crush to be handsome, but in her mother's eyes he had a "pie face and sesame seed eyes".

Two nights ago a viewer asked whether Baby's first love was like the movie's.  Baby said that her first love actually was just a crush, and his face was chubby and eyes were small.  Her mother even described him as "a pie with a few sesame seeds on top", only she beautified him.  As for her first kiss, she admitted that she did not remember how it happened but she definitely was not drunk at the time.

Was male lead Chiu Yau Ting her type?  Baby praised him as a gentleman and revealed that before the kiss scene he deliberately brushed his teeth.  When they kissed he tasted like toothpaste.  Baby joked, "I thought, how deep do I have to kiss?  Just a peck or do I have to brush my teeth?"  Baby also remembered to "complain" to the director for treating Chiu Yau Ting too well, because the director designed many romantic scenes for him to pursue girls as well as a variety of embraces.  Baby asked the audience whether they wanted to see her even more daring performance?  The audience chimed in and she whined, "Are you setting me up!"

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