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Kitman Mak often toured with Leslie Cheung
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Today is the 11th anniversary of Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing's passing. Fans would hold a "Reliving those good old days -- Leslie in Concert" event at the Academic Community Hall. At night highlight from the 1986, 88, and 89 Cheung Kwok Wing concerts would be shown. Tang Oi Lam would narrate. 1989 Cheung Kwok Wing concert guest Kitman Mak would perform with Gor Gor tonight.

Cheung Kwok Wing revealed that before his rise to fame, Kitman Mak took the initiative to greet him. He was reminded of "Sister Six" who raised him. Kitman Mak said, "Cheung Kwok Wing was a confidant. When I heard the news of his passing back then, I collapsed."

Kitman Mak remembered Cheung Kwok Wing in a white tank top and performed Cantonese opera during rehearsal. He also took her to the casino and helped her win over HK$100,000.

The Huang Xiaoming and Fan Bingbing starred WHITE HAIRED WITCH OF THE LUNAR KINGDOM (BAK FAT MOR NUI JUEN ji MING YUET TIN GOK) will open in May. The film company spent six figures to purchase Cheung Kwok Wing's original theme song RED CHEEKS WHITE HAIR rights to remember him. Both leads felt that they seemed to have Cheung Kwok Wing's blessing. Huang Xiaoming continued, "Cheung Kwok Wing is a forever idol, I have no intention of cloning or surpassing this classic. However I am very happy to play a character that he played."

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