Thursday, March 20, 2014


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The Wong Jing invested new film BLACK COMEDY (HAK SIK HEI KET) asked Wilson Chin Kwok Wai to direct and artist Shirley Yeung Szeki to perform. The film was about demons and angels. Chin Kwok Wai this time even guest starred, he said that he would remove his pants for a funny "bed scene" with Szeki!

Chin Kwok Wai has guest starred in his films in the past, but only for a shot or two. This time he had a daring "bed scene" in his new film BLACK COMEDY. He said, "Brother Jing is my idol, mostly he would guest star in his own movies. This time he asked me to guest star." Chin Kwok Wai in the film played a "cheating couple" with Szeki. They had a more funny than sexy "bed scene". He said, "During the shoot I didn't think of it, after it was done I remembered that I didn't add a kiss scene! This time I missed out! (Is it a bed scene in concept?) I took off my pants." Comedy expert Chin Kwok Wai said that a comedy would be more relaxed. This time the subject was "demons and angels", which was a little on the rare side.

Szeki has always given people a good girl impression. This time she played mistress. She said that it was a lot of fun and fresh. "This time I play a pretty mistress. I am (Gregory) Wong Chung Hiu's mistress. Chin Kwok Wai is the guy I am cheating on him with. Later we plot to kill him." She also said that she felt the result was very pretty, from some angles she "could not even recognize herself". She said that at first when she found she had a bed scene she asked and asked again. Later when she found out that it was a comedic bed scene she was much more relaxed. Would she mind playing an ugly character? She said, "(Karen) Mok Man Wai's GOD OF COOKERY (SIK SUN) character was very outstanding. I don't mind playing ugly. I want to play characters that people can't recognize me in even more, then I can be challenged even more."

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