Wednesday, March 26, 2014


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Ekin Cheng and Josie Ho with a cane
Wilfred Lau, Edmond Leung
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Josie Ho Chiu Yi, Dior Cheng Yi Kin, Wilfred Lau Ho Lung, Edmond Leung Hong Man and former national badminton team representatives Bao Chunlai, Wang Lin and others yesterday attended the completed badminton film FULL STRIKE (CHUEN LIK KAU SAT)'s press conference. Earlier injuring her leg in heels for a photo shoot, Chiu Yi continued to wear high heels while using a cane.

Chiu Yi who funded and starred in the film was asked why she would make a movie about this subject? Chiu Yi pointed out that she has loved playing badminton since she was little and was on the school team. Ekin said with suspicion, "Everyone say that they are on the school team." Chiu Yi said, "I was second in women's double in Ontario (Canada)." Ekin said, "I was on the Lok Man Estate street kid team."

They played mixed doubles with national team representatives Bao Chunlai and Wang Lin. Ekin said that director Derek Kwok Chi Kin was afraid that they would not be able to handle it, so he could doubles to play for them. However he thought that he could not miss the chance and thus fought for playing himself. Who won? Ekin said, "In my mind I already think I won." Chiu Yi joked, "They were lucky to be able to return our shots." Leung Hong Man injured his waist during the shoot. Ekin joked, "It's men's biggest taboo."

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