Wednesday, March 19, 2014


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Artists with certain influence should properly use the influence to replay society. For years my wife Cissy Wang and I have been very active with charity activities, but we always feel that we have not done enough. I am always thinking how we can deliver even more positive energy. Two years ago we founded a charity site " charity initiative", I also very gladly attend other organizations' various charity events. I hope to be able to help children, seniors, the handicapped and low income families. Everyone whether they have achieved in society need to take time to precipitate and consider the meaning of life for themselves, I feel volunteering can satisfy the soul.

Volunteering not only helps others but also benefits myself greatly. I remember once I sent rice to a new immigrant family. Their family of five or six lived in an only 100 square foot old apartment. Although life was tough they were very happy, they were able to optimistically face various challenges of life. During my short visit I was able to experience the warmth and care from their family. On the other hand when many city dwellers ran into setbacks they would only complain, as they blindly pursue materialistic pleasure and remain empty inside.

Money to me is not the most important, normally my wallet has very little money. My wife and I are both considered thrifty people, a sofa that costs hundreds of thousands is already too extravagant for us. We definitely would be sore about it. I would teach my children that they spent when they should, I cannot let them mistake themselves to be rich kids. Parents can only provide suitable support, they still have to rely on themselves for their future. With the appropriate volunteering activities, Cissy and I would bring our children to attend so they know that happiness is not a certainty. With they are able to they should have others.

Family lessons are very important, I am too soft when teaching children. Because I am busy at work I rarely see them, I am reluctant to yell at him. With many things I would choose to look the other way. Cissy always says that I am spoiling the children. Cissy is a fair and just person, with her teaching our children I am at ease. Cissy would provide correct sense of value to the children, so they know to respect elders and to be honesty. They also make me a father who can be proud of his children.

This is the final installment of Donnie From the Heart. I look forward to the next opportunity to share with everyone.


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