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Hong Kong Tourism Board chair Peter Lam Kin Ngok's Media Asia film worked with a Mainland company on the Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi and Zhang Ziyi starred film DANGEROUS LIAISON. The film might have left the cinemas for awhile, but the parties in China and Hong Kong disputed over investment and profit. Media Asia pointed out that the Mainland side still has not completed their payment according to the contract and earlier filed a lawsuit to seek 18.40 million yuan RMB.

The plaintiff was Media Asia film production company and the defendants in order were Zonbo Media and Beijing Zonbo Century Media. According to the Companies Registry records, Zonbo Media was registered in Hong Kong, its board of directors were all Mainlanders and were connected to Beijing Zonbo. The lawsuit claimed that both parties on May 11 2012 signed an investment agreement to collaboration on DANGEROUS LIAISON. The plaintiff claimed the two defendants should follow the contract and pay the plaintiff for its investment and profit that was agreed upon, which summed up to 18.4 million yuan RMB.

DANGEROUS LIAISON was based on a French novel that has been adapted for films on numerous occasions. The film in the case starred Cheung Pak Chi, Zhang Ziyi and Korean star Jang Dong-Gun. This film was released in Hong Kong in mid November 2012.

[Case number: HCA443/14]

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