Tuesday, March 25, 2014


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Chapman To Man Chak has been supporting the Taiwan student movement against Cross-Strait Service Trade Agreement, which upset Mainland online users. Ah Jat continued to rebut without avoidance. Earlier a Mainland entertainment company Beijing Maite Media Co. Ltd chief Chen Lizhi officially posted online, "The movies that I invest in will never use To Man Chak. My company will absolutely not participate (invest, sell) in any project that To Man Chak is a part." Ah Jat faced the danger of being boycotted. Last night he said, "How would I know? Why would I respond." He had no opinion on the matter, now watching the film release was the most important.

Yesterday Ah Chak led five Japanese adult video actresses Yume Kana, Tsusaka Aoi, Yui Tatsumi, Maiko Yuuki and Anri Okita along with Josie Ho Chiu Yi to attend the film NAKED AMBITION 3D (3D HO CHING) press conference. Five adult video actresses appeared in traditional Japanese costumes and received "Little Little Jat" figures from Ah Jat as gifts.

Known as "Tokyo Tower", Ah Jat earlier took the adult video actresses to hot pot casserole. When they left they held their arms all over each other and hug passionately. He joked, "They treated me very well over there, there is no reason for me not to return the favor. (Are you afraid that your wife Krystal Tin Yui Nei would be mad?) She is holding hands with (Julian) Cheung Chi Lam, and I have overlooked that. People like us are ultimately from overseas, socially we are more open." He also said that his wife pointed out that he has suffered many years, at this age he should enjoy it a little.

Ah Jat said that had intimate contact with adult video actresses, thus being arm in arm and hugging were very ordinary. He said, "They are the co-stars who have worked with me and complained the least about salted pork knuckles (being felt up), because they don't know what that is. (Are you afraid of salted pork knuckles?) No, do you think I am (Louis) Koo Tin Lok!" Ah Jat said that after the event, he planned to take the actresses on a night out. They would dress more openly, hopefully they would be able to counter each other.

He revealed that the adult video actresses would like to have dim sum the most. "Several of them stipulated that they had to have tarts, truly Hong Kong wins with tarts. How grand was when several adult video actresses have tarts together, Hong Kong people are happy just from watching it."

Chiu Yi arrived with a leg injury. She said that she only had a sprain and will recover soon; now she is busy with her television series and will try to attend the promotions. She will also help to promote online. The film will open on Ching Ming Festival. Chiu Yi joked that everyone could pay respect to the adult video goddess after paying respect to ancestors at cemeteries.

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