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Raymond Lam
Fan Bingbing
Tang Wei
Louis Koo
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Pegasus Motion Pictures this year plans to start production on many classic films. Other than IP MAN 3, it even purchased the classic science fiction novel WISLEY's copyright as it planned to start production on a film of the same title at the end of the year. For years many film companies have been deeply interested in the subject of WISLEY. Sam Hui Koon Kit and Joey Wang Cho Yi once worked together on THE LEGEND OF WISELY (WAI SI LEI JUEN KEI). Most recently Pegasus Motion Pictures decided that to spend heavily on the novel's rights. Male lead Wisely and female lead Pai Su's choices naturally are where the focus lies. Reportedly the film company was interested in Raymond Lam Fung, Louis Koo Tin Lok and other handsome men for the role. Lam Fung was rumored to want to try his luck outside after his TVB contract ends. If he is confirmed, it will be the first shot after him "leaving the nest".

As for Pai Su, a role that Wang Cho Yin and Shu Qi have played, the film company would like to find a top Mainland actress like Fan Bingbing or Tang Wei.

Pegasus' CEO John Chong Ching said, "We have purchased the novel rights, but the leads have not been cast. The people you have mentioned are on our consideration list." The film company will also make IP MAN 3 and a Koo Tin Lok starred romance. An announcement will be made next week at the Hong Kong International Film and Television Market.

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