Saturday, March 29, 2014


Tsui Tin Yau, Mandy Lieu, Candy Law, Kelvin Kwan
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The 49 year old "Pretty Demon Woman" Candy Law Lam and Mandy Lieu two nights ago attended the ENTHRALLED (OI.CHUM.MAI) premiere. Law Lam was dressed in white while Mandy Lieu was dressed in black. Director Chip Tsao (To Kit) and other actors Kelvin Kwan Chor Yiu and Tsui Tin Yau also attended.

Mandy Lieu complimented Law Lam for looking pretty. She said, "I want to be as well kept as she is in the future." Did she want to be the Pretty Demon Woman? Mandy said, "It really isn't easy to keep, so she is amazing."

Mandy Lieu looked forward to seeing Law Lam and Kwan Chor Yiu's passionate scene. She also gave her first time with a super sexy intimate performance in the film. She said that when she worked on the intimate scene with her foreign co-star they set clear boundaries. She asked for hands off her chest, but he asked for her hands off her pants.

Law Lam thanked everyone for calling her "Pretty Demon Woman", thus she had to work hard to stay in shape. However she was nervous with the film release getting closer. Lately she was much thinner, her clothing was a little loose. At the event she had to stand out her chest to prevent wardrobe malfunction. She looked back when she took this role she struggled for awhile. Originally she did not want to perform a passionate scene but in the end the director talked her into it. Luckily lately during promotion, outsiders and friends were both very supportive. She was touched. Would she permit her son to watch the film? Law Lam said, "It doesn't matter, he has seen many of the photos from the film. I kept explaining to him that this was a character, a part of the job."

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