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Artist Juno Mak Chun Lung's directing debut RIGOR MORTIS (GEUNGSI) made around HK$17 million in Hong Kong and will be released in the U.S., Japan and Germany later. With RIGOR's success, he not only had the audience recognition but also high praises from industry film critics. From the Venice Film Festival to the Hong Kong Film Award it received 9 nominations. Mak Chun Lung admitted that he already felt very pleased.

Due to the RIGOR success, Mak Chun Lung admitted that he received many invitation to collaborate. He said, "This year I will first produce two movies because I want to work with some new directors. I will even work with Korean film THE CHASER's screen writer Shin Ho. He will write a script for me. I will also produce an (Aubrey) Lam Oi Wa scripted film.

In addition, Mak Chun Lung will also personally write a script, a crime story upon the completion of which he will direct. However he believed that it will not be made until next year at the soonest. Mak Chun Lung revealed that he will work with another Korean screen writer, but everything is still in negotiation.

Although RIGOR performed well, Mak Chun Lun said that in the short run he will not direct a horror film. In addition his producing and screen writing jobs have already been tightly scheduled. This year he will not have time to direct again. As for the earlier rumor that he will direct BAUHININA HEROINE (JI GAING HUP), he denied it and said, "I never confirmed and agreed that I would make it, because I knew that this year's schedule wouldn't permit it. I have met with the film company and looked at the script, but because their schedule was very tight and I was working on my own script, I thought shooting it this year would have been impossible."

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