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Louis Koo declines to reveal if he invests in films
Andrew Lau hops to cultivate new successors
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Louis Koo Tin Lok yesterday attended the Hong Kong Society of Cinematographers 26th Anniversary banquet. He and Zhang Ziyi received the society's "most charming actor and actress" awards. "Best Cinematography" went to BABY BLUES (NGAI YING)'s cinematographer Chan Chi Ying.

Koo Tin Lok felt that being charming in the eyes of professional photographers was very rare. "I have a dark tan, which is troublesome for photographers' lighting adjustments. Thus I have to personally accept the award." Reportedly now he would become an investor in all his films, as soon as Koo Tin Lok heard the word "invest" he immediately said, "No comment". Did he invest in NAKED AMBITION 3D (3D HO CHING), in which he guest starred? He still made no response.

Were intimate scenes with a group of adult video actresses awkward? Koo Tin Lok said, "In the first NAKED AMBITION I had to face over 100 adult video actresses, the scale was even grander. However everyone was very professional. The focus remained on work. In addition this time I only guest starred."

The previous president Andrew Lau Wai Keung said, the society mainly would promote the transition from film production to digital production in the future and hope to be able to cultivate new successors.

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