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Ronald Ng
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Cheung Yiu Wing produced over 1500 concerts in his life
Joey Yung
Andy Hui
Ho Lai Chuen host the ceremony
Edmond Leung, Miriam Yeung
Chapman To, Jordan Chan
First wife Law Kwai Chu
Cheung Yiu Wing's daughter Cheung Lai Fong and second wife Chan Yuet Kwai
Cheung Wing Hong is applying for the hearse to stop by the Hong Kong Coliseum backstage parking lot on the day of the funeral
Second son Cheung Wing Keung
Third son Cheung Wing Sun
Fourth son Cheung Wing Tat
Cheung Wing Hong's wife Fonny misses her father in law
Ronald Ng's concert leaves Cheung Yiu Wing's favorite seat under the control room for him and arranges for his first wife and son to be seated next to him
Kelly Chen remembers Uncle Yiu Wing with FAVORITE CONCERT and gets choked up
Kelly Chen's son Shrimp Dumpling Kid with her manager Claudie Chung
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"Father of Concerts" Cheung Yiu Wing earlier passed away from heart disease at the age of 82. His industry friends were shocked and saddened. Cheung Yiu Wing's Yiu Wing Entertainment continued operation and participated in producing the Ronald Ng Lok Sing concert at the Hong Kong Coliseum last night. Cheung Yiu Wing's wife, children and a group of performers including Joey Yung Cho Yi, Twins, Andy Hui Chi On as well as working partners before the show held a simple yet elegant memorial cremony backstage at the Hong Kong Coliseum for Cheung Yiu Wing. They held a moment of silence, presented white chrysanthemum and his favorite soft drink. The mood was somber. A seat was held for Cheung Yiu Wing at the venue. The Hong Kong Coliseum was almost Cheung Yiu Wing's second home. His family is applying for roadside ceremony for the hearse to arrive at the Hong Kong Coliseum backstage parking lot on the day of the funeral.

The memorial ceremony took place around 5:30PM, Cheung Yiu Wing's family included his first wife Law Kwai Chu, second wife Chan Yuet Kwai, son Cheung Wing Hong, Cheung Wing Keung, Chueng Wing Sun and Cheung Wing Tat, daughter Cheung Lai Fong, daughter in law Fonny and others arrived early to organize. Singers Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Twins, Hui Chi On, Edmond Leung Hong Man, Jordan Chan Siu Chun, Chapman To Man Chak, Yung Cho Yi and other arrived as well.

His first wife greeted and shook hands with everyone. Ho Lai Cheun host the ceremony. "Uncle Yiu Wing was an elder we respected very much. Several days ago he passed away peacefully at home. He was the father of concerts. I hope through this opportunity to eulogize Uncle Yiu Wing." The entire venue had a moment of silence. Then Cheung Yiu Wing's biggest son Cheung Wing Hong presented white chrysanthemum first. Singers, friends and family took turn presenting flowers and the soft drink that Cheung Yiu Wing had to have everyday. His daughter Cheung Lai Fong broke down out of heartbreak. Ho Lai Chuen said that Cheung Yiu Wing was not happy without cola in his life.

Cheung Wing Hong and his wife Fonny said that later they will have a press release to announce th funeral committee and the pallbearer list. Reportedly they were applying for the hearse to drive into the Hong Kong Coliseum backstage parking lot on the day of Cheung Yiu Wing's funeral, for their father to have a final stop on his journey of life and return to his beloved Hong Kong Coliseum. Fonny admitted that they were waiting to hear back from the Hong Kong Coliseum. She said, "(Sam) Hui Koon Kit's concert would take place that day, the organizer had no problem with the arrangement of the hearse driving in the Hong Kong Coliseum. Right now we are waiting to hear back from the Hong Kong Coliseum. The Hong Kong Coliseum was Cheung Yiu Wing's second home, which never changed in rain or in storm over the years. His family has already calmed down. Mother in law is very strong. Although we are reluctant to part with him, when we remember that he went without any pain it was his and our blessing. (Did Uncle Cheung Yiu Wing had any unfulfilled wish? Like producing anyone's concert?) He wanted to help everyone, but he passed too soon. He didn't learn any wish."

Yung Cho Yi was late. She first spoke with Mrs. Cheung then presented flowers. She said that she asked if Mrs. Cheung would watch the concert. Mrs. Cheung said that she definitely would because her husband would too. She even said that Cheung Yiu Wing liked the Hong Kong Coliseum more than home, a spot was saved for him in the venue. Joey also praised Uncle Cheung Yiu Wing for his professionalism. At work he was very involved and worthy of everyone's respect.

A concert of Ng Lok Sing's work opened at the Hong Kong Coliseum last night. The event reserved Cheung Yiu Wing's favorite seat under the control room for him and even placed his favorite cola there. His first wife Law Kwai Chu and son Cheung Wing Hong sat next to his seat. When the show opened, Patrick Lui Yau Fai and Joey Tang Kin Ming performed FRIEND as a salute. They said, "With everyone's applause we want to thank the 'Father of Concerts' Mr. Cheung Yiu Wing. He really liked the cheer, so we chose to dedicate this song to him." The entire audience applauded as photos of Uncle Yiu Wing with singers were shown on the screen. When they finished, Cheung Wing Hong bowed to them in appreciation.

Ng Lok Sing appeared with blond hair and red shirt, as well as a conductor's baton. Kelly Chen Wai Lam performed FAVORITE CONCERT first and dedicated it to Uncle Yiu Wing. She was choked up as she spoke. "Cheung Yiu Wing produced many favorite concerts for Hong Kong people, I believe everyone here want to say thank you to him." Her son Shrimp Dumpling Kid was also on hand with her manager Claudie Chung Chun and her maid. Whn she performed her second song LAVENDER, the stage was lowered early but she continued to perform with only half of her on the stage.

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