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Angelababy, Nick Cheung, Director Cheuk Wan Chi, Oho Ou, Sammi Cheng
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Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Sammi Cheng Sau Man, Angelababy and Mainland actor Oho Ou worked together on the Cheuk Wan Chi directed new film TEMPORARY FAMILY (SUT LUEN GUP YEUK). Two nights ago the production wrapped on the streets of Ho Man Tin. The director immediately led the cast in applause, embrace, open bottles of champagne and had cake to celebrate. They attracted a crowd that once even caused a traffic jam.

Cheung Ka Fai, Sammi and Baby during their interview said that they had a pleasant collaboration, after the shoot they were somewhat reluctant to part. Sammi pointed out that Ka Fai has not made a comedy in a long time. Returning to it this time she did not expect how sharp his comedy ability was, which led her to numerous bad takes. Sammi joked, "I can hold back my laughter, but as soon as he starts I can't anymore. When I see him I want to laugh." Ka Fai instead accused Sammi of taking revenge. He joked, "As soon as I turn around, she would pretend to be 'Dragon Granny' and scare me into messing up my lines."

Baby pointed out that both elders Cheung Ka Fai and Sammi were very humorous people, which relaxed her. She said, "Coming to work is like coming to play, they are always joking!" Cheung Ka Fai suddenly appeared as his onscreen father role, "I am not joking with you!" Baby was stunned, "I know, you are serious!" Quick witted, Sammi immediately cracked up, only then did Baby realize that she was being pranked. She said, "Ka Fai in the film is very mean and wants to beat me to death, but off screen he isn't like that." Ka Fai explained that in the film he was Baby and Oho Ou's father as well as Sammi's lover. Sammi joked that she saved her kiss scene with Ka Fai in her heart. Did she inform her other half Andy Hui Chi On? Ka Fai cut in. "It's work, family would support it." Sammi chimed in, "Even more passionate would be no problem!"

Ka Fai felt that the collaboration with Sammi was very smooth and Baby gave his impression of her. He said, "I didn't know her personality before and thought that she was a canary. I see her always with a head full of curly hair and however long eyelashes, but actually this film's character is closer to the real her, tomboyish and smart." Baby joked that she was a shedding canary. Reportedly Baby and her boyfriend Huang Xiaoming will work together on the 3D film INVESTITURE OF GODS (FUNG SUN BONG)? She said, "I don't know anything about it yet, but I have agreed to help out."

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