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"I spent my birthday with my husband, enjoying the Hong Kong scenery on the tram."
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Last week the Hong Kong International Film Festival opened, media from all over Asia gathered.

The Pang Ho Cheung directed ABERDEEN (HEUNG GONG JAI) was the opening film, we actors also worked hard to promote the film. That day I attended four events and was very busy. First was the afternoon press conference, then the Wanchai Convention Center film festival opening ceremony and the first premiere meeting; then to Tsim Sha Tsui Cultural Center for the second premiere. After the movie I went to a restaurant for the celebration and the media, here I thank the event for presenting a cake to celebrate my birthday in advance.

Although the schedule for the day was very tough, it was worth everything. In particular after working hard on a film, the anticipation to watch the film on the silver screen was like the frustration and the anticipation of opening a new toy that you bought but could not open yet! On this day, finally we saw the finished product. The media was very interested as well. The premiere was filled with friends. Wave after wave of scenes that made people applaud left me very touched. Ultimately this was the director's hard work over 7 years, I was truly happy for him.

On the silver screen before the end credits rolled, I was emotional partly because of the film's theme of letting go touching me, partly because I was proud of being able to give everyone a Hong Kong themed film in the place that I grew up in despite making few Hong Kong films in recent years. Through this opportunity I again want to thank Pang Ho Cheung for his trust, he handed part of the responsibility of a script that he has toiled over for years to me; the director said that 5 years ago he already wanted to make this film, but he felt that he and the script were not ready. Last year he felt it was time to officially begin production; he described these things required waiting. I too was thinking, if he asked me 5 years ago, I knew that at the time I was not at my best either to play this character Kwok Yan Yan. This character might not be in my hands either. Luckily ABERDEEN and I crossed path at this suitable moment and left a beautiful video record.

In order to grasp the freshness of the film the media had from just watching the film, a few days after the world premiere we went through hellish media interviews, the tidal waves of scheduling left people almost exhausted. By chance the next day was my birthday, luckily the promotional company understood and accurately returned me to my husband on time before the work day ended. I was able to take a ride on a surprise tram party with my husband and friends. Thank you Hubby for everything that you have done for me, so I (along with 20 friends on the tram) was able to have the first tram party in my life. It was like I went onto the model streets in ABERDEEN, traversing through streets of Hong Kong old districts like Sheung Wan, Wan Chi and North Point and enjoying the beautiful Hong Kong night view with friends.

This week I have too much that I want to share, too much that are memorable and too much that are sentimental. My birthday was also the day when my friend of many years Mr. Cheung Yiu Wing suddenly passed away. I remember how he brought me to step foot on the Hong Kong Coliseum stage for my first concert; I remember how he took care of everything off stage, keeping me company from full dress rehearsal to 3AM; I remember for every concert he would ask with more excitement than me, "Gigi, are you happy?" I remember his generosity, optimism and selflessness! Father of concerts, we forever respect you and forever miss you!

My past week had both joy and sorrow, such was life. From Pang Ho Cheung's attitude toward, from Sergio's selflessness to bring joy to others, from Mr. Cheung's fall of a giant who fulfilled people's dreams, I saw the passion of life. Thank you all!


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