Saturday, March 29, 2014


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Karena Lam Ka Yun yesterday attended the famous designer Agnes b. directed film MY NAME IS... premiere. She said that she admired her very much. "I feel she is amazing, being able to handle so many jobs at the same time and still remain passionate. She keeps on creating, I am very happy to meet her. (Would you direct like her?) Now it's already very hard to play the post of an actor well, I haven't thought about this yet."

Although she would not direct, Ka Yun this year would make movies. She said, "Now I am in negotiation. This year I definitely will make a movie, which I look forward to very much. My acting bug is acting up big time, I feel like my entire body is on fire. It is time to make a movie. (How would you make time for her daughters?) I have to coordinate with my husband, we have to get someone to help. However I ultimately won't be at ease. Every two week I would have to go home once, unlike before when I could be gone for a movie for 3 months."

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