Wednesday, March 26, 2014


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Shirley Yung and Carrie Ng
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Carrie Ng Ka Lai's directing debut that will start production next month, ANGEL WHISPERS (FA GAI LAU HONG), was selected for the Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum. Yesterday she and her co-director Shirley Yung Sau Lan attended the Hong Kong Asian Film Financing Forum award ceremony and received the HK$150,000 cash prize. Ng Ka Lai said that the film will be about first floor prostitutes but not a sex film. It will be a thrilling story in which one girl after another disappeared. She created the story. Sammo Hung Kam Bo's son Sammy Hung Tin Chiu and other new comers will star. She will guest star as the land lady.

First time director Ng Ka Lai was not worried. She said that after years in the business, she has worked on 9 films at once. This time she only played one more role of a director. She said, "When male directors made women films, they didn't know about how women think. This time with two female directors, the feminine scenes will be more delicate."

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