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Chapman To tries his "Hand of God" on the actresses
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Chapman To Man Chak two nights ago attended his film NAKED AMBITION 3D (3D HO CHING)'s premiere with a group of adult video actresses. Ah Jat said that his wife Krystal Tin Yui Nei had to work and could not show her support. He pointed out that Ah Tin has already watched a screening but not the 3D version. Later when they have time he would take Ah Tin to watch it again. Did he feel any box office pressure? He said that he expected not to make any money, he only wanted Hong Kong people to know that people are still making Hong Kong films. The most important is for everyone to enjoy it, so he did not have any pressure. Did he plan to make a third film? He said, "We have already decided to make it next year, the initial concept is a costume film. In the story during the Ming Dynasty I was mistaken for a real eunuch and went to Japan, but we won't consider a 4D version. 3D for now is already the greatest limit."

Fiona Sit Hoi Kei supported her buddy Ah Jat and gave her special first experience in life as she went to the cinema to watch a category III film for the first time. She joked that when she saw Ah Jat and the adult video actresses posing for photos together he laughed from the inside, showing real happiness. On the other hand she and Ah Jat have worked together on several films but she has not seen him so happy. Thus for now she decided against working with Ah Jat again.

Ah Jat due to his high profile support for Taiwan student movement against the "Cross-Trade Service Trade Agreement" not only attracted Mainland internet attacks but also Mainland entertainment company Beijing Maite Culture Entertainment Media company chief Chen Lizhi's posting that he had to "boycott" him. Ah Jat at the premiere stated that he had no comment and would only care about the film release. Although he faced a Mainland boycott danger, he still received the support of many Hong Kong artists and internet users. Hong Kong and Taiwan internet users not only posted messages in support but also started a like per person campaign to support him. Ah Jat knew that someone supported him but still had no comment. He would only focus on the film release.

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