Sunday, March 23, 2014


Paulyn Sun
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Simon Yam Tat Wa, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Chapman To Man Chak, Paulyn Sun Kai Kwan yesterday attended the film CHOR GEI (CHILD PROSTITUTE) production start ceremony. Just celebrated his 59th birthday Simon Yam Tat Wa said that he received 7 cakes and joked that his arms were tired from all the cutting. In addition he would have more birthday celebrations on the way. He revealed that in CHOR GEI he and Ah Sa were lovers and had intimate contact, but he declined to reveal how intimate. Brother Wa said, "My face is like when I drank, a little red. She is too sexy." Even Ah Sa's ordinary figure was considered sexy? He said, "Everyone feels that she doesn't seem too sexy, actually she has a little figure. Congratulations (William) Chan Wai Ting."

Being compliments, Ah Sa joked that she had a figure too. She pointed out that in the film she would have a very daring performance, baring her back of course was inevitable. Would she even have bed scenes? She silently said, "Luckily Brother Wa helped me with getting into character and stunts. I had to be so open in front of the crew, which was very hard. It was tougher than fight scenes." Would she practice more normally? She actually said,"I am OK, I have a little experience. Occasionally I would practice a little."

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