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Kelly Chen Wai Lam for the film HORSEPLAY (DOH MA GEI) last year went overseas for several months. It was the longest she has been away from home since getting married. Separated from her sons, missing them was inevitable. Kelly relied completely on her good husband Alex to hold down the fort at home so she could work like she was at play, returning to the taste of "when before she was married".

C: Chen Wai Lam, R: Report

R: When you go overseas for a movie, you go for several dozen days. How did you maintain your relationships with your husband and sons?

C: I have never been away from my sons for so long. Once I was overseas I would have video conference everyday. Little Dragon Bun is still little and has no idea; Shrimp Dumpling Kid is older, remembers me and has cried several times. Hubby sent the video to me. When Shrimp Dumpling Kid heard the door bell ring, when he saw the person outside the door wasn't me he would cry, "Mama isn't here, when is she coming back" When I watched it I cried, but after eight or nine days we were used to it. Hubby took care of the home well. I almost became single again and I enjoyed it very much. When I wasn't working on the movie I went out. Prague's stuff was cheap and pretty, I bought brand name clothing, bath lotion, nail clippers, and fried egg molds for my sons. As I was about to return to Hong Kong I knew that I had to return to reality.

Praise Leung Ka Fai for Top Notch Ideas

R: Two years ago you guest starred in the film TALES FROM THE DARK (MAI LEI YEH). This time in HORSEPLAY you worked with Best Actor (Tony) Leung Ka Fai, what kind of spark did you have?

C: This time we spent more time together, and I learned a lot from him. For every one of his scenes he thought of many interpretation methods. For example in the film in order to sneak into a museum we danced closely to avoid the alarms, the idea came from him. I had a solo scene in which I had to sneak into an auction, he also helped me come with a few ideas. I shot it in one take without any problem. He even taught me how to read camera angles, mark taking, before that I didn't know I had so much that I had to pay attention to.

Cheng Yi Kin Still Is A Kid

R: Has former co-star Cheng Yi Kin changed after marriage?

C: We went to Japan to make TOKYO RAIDERS (DUNG GAING GUNG LEUK). This time we went to make a movie in Prague, which was like a continuation. We had a lot of fun. I felt that he didn't change much, he still is a big kid. Everyday he would show me some innovative toys. He even cooked for everyone and rode an unicycle. Everyone was very excited.

R: Kelly's male assistant Leo once was linked in rumors to (Cherie) Chung Chor Hung. In the film he would make an appearance. How did it feel to work with Leo from off screen to on screen?

C: Because he wanted another comedy spot, director Lee Chi Ngai appreciated Leo for his academia flavor and asked him to play the groom. Several months ago he already memorized the script. We are used to working together, during the performance we were very relaxed. His performance was perfect, haha! The company plans to promote him to make WINTER'S TALE with Hung Goo.

Wall Climbing Leaves Bruises All Over Her Legs

R: This time you played an athletic female reporter Ha Mui and had to study rock climbing. Was the action scene was huge challenge?

C: A month before the shoot, I took 6 lessons of rock climbing training. During the official shoot I was still a little scared. Because one of the "wires" on me snapped, I lost my balance and fell to the ground. Luckily I was only two feet above ground. My head also avoided the camera tracks. The building wall climb was the most memorable, as I personally climbed here and there. Thus I would tug the hem of my dress into my waist to show off my legs, but they were all bruised!

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