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Lee Chi Ngai and Tony Leung Ka Fai have established chemistry

Tony Leung Ka Fai jokingly wishes for a Best Actress nomination
Tony Leung Ka Fai praises Kelly Chen on her acting improvement
Tony Leung Ka Fai's daughter will unlikely join show business
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Tony Leung Ka Fai has won many Best Actor awards. His acting obviously has received recognition. Although he had an "reunion" after years, he worked with director Lee Chi Ngai last year on TALES FROM THE DARK (MAI LEI YEH) and immediately set off spark. However they both felt that the collaboration was too short. They immediately made plans to work together again. This time in HORSEPLAY (DOH MA GEI), Leung Ka Fai and Kelly Chen Wai Lam reunited after TALES FROM THE DARK. In a woman disguise in the film, he even said that he wanted to work toward a Best Actress Award.

Leung Ka Fai and director Lee Chi Ngai have not seen each other for years until last year when they worked together in TALES FROM THE DARK, unfortunately the production was too short. He felt that the director's sensitivity remained high as he immediately thought of arranging for a light comedy with Kelly. He believed that they certainly would be able to set off new sparks.

Leung Ka Fai felt that everyone had room for improvement. This time his improvement was being more open and actually donned a woman's disguise. "This time I play a woman because the story has a logical reason. I have done it before, but this time was a little more difficult with heels and masks. The heels even gave him a periostitis as he only aggravated his injury. Actually the entire shoot was very light and pleasant. The most difficult was playing a woman." Some said that his entire home was women, why did he not ask his family for advice? Leung Ka Fai joked, "None of the women in my home are women!"

Leung Ka Fai during the shoot broke his ribs. He felt that it did not hinder the progress, as long as he first the dramatic scenes first he had no problem. After a week in the hospital he returned to work, he already completely forgot that he was an injured patient. Although his periostitis affected his performance as he was so swollen that even walking hurt, luckily the director was inspired to write the injury into the story and make something bad into something good. Since he has even played a woman, did he have any character that I would like to challenge? Leung Ka Fai seriously said, "Winning Best Actress! No actor has received a Best Actress nomination for playing a woman. This is my ultimate challenge!"

As for Kelly's performance this time, Leung Ka Fai and Lee Chi Nga both had nothing but compliments. Lee Chi Ngai felt that from LOST AND FOUND (TIN NGAI HOI GOK) to now, Kelly after marriage and motherhood was obviously more experienced and more open minded. Leung Ka Fai could not help but praised Kelly on her drastic improvement. "The last time we worked together for the first time, I realized that she was a focused and faithful person. Her preparation before hand was very well done, she could not easily accept any on set changes; this time although could not be considered a complete transformation, she displayed her interesting side."

Kelly admitted that she learned a lot from Leung Ka Fai. Leung Ka Fai felt that he did not teach much to Kelly. "Only Kelly asked about everything. Because she was too serious and very tense about her performance, this light comedy to her was considered a challenge. In the past she mostly played the pristine girl in romantic films. This time she played a silly character, which she indeed was a little worried. She was afraid that she was very cautious. I used to play many comedy characters that gave people the impression that I was shameless. In addition Kelly's impression of me was I was crazy, she wanted to learn from me how to be so open. Actually this was an acting process, if she was able to absorb it of course it would be great."

Leung Ka Fai's acting was publicly recognized. When asked if he has considered accepting students, he screamed, "Never say that! Live until old age act until old age, I can also learn until old age. Playing every characters actually are learning about different lives. Each time I played a different character, at the same time I learned about different meaning and truth of life."

Leung Ka Fai's daughters earlier posed photos online and received praises. He said that he would not mind his daughters joining the business, but he who has brought up countless newcomers was asked if he wanted to work with his daughters. He just kept shaking his head. "No, their popularity is their problem because they are already adults. As for why they are popular, they must choose their own future. They haven't said to me that they wanted to join the business. Even if they would be in this business, I have promised them to not help either one. They would make their own way." Leung Ka Fai also resisted against working with his daughter. "Of course I am resistant! However I believe their chances of joining the business are very slim."

Seemingly Leung Ka Fai's father and daughters team would not be too likely.

Director Lee Chi Ngai and Leung Ka Fai "reunited" after years apart. Last year they worked together on TALES FROM THE DARK, this year they have HORSEPLAY. He said, "Leung Ka Fai gives me the impression that he is much better than before. Privately I feel in Chinese film he absolutely is the top few with the best acting."

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