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The Asian Film Awards will take place tonight in Macau, 28 films from 10 countries will compete for 14 awards. Donnie Yen Chi Tan is even one of the celebrity jury members. Always serious, Chi Tan earlier bought the 28 nominated films' DVDs to watch at home then marked down each film's positive and negative points. He even watched the films that he has seen again from a jury angle for fairness.

First time on a film award jury, Chi Tan was excited. He said, "I participate in order to learn, I am the happiest about the chance to watch so many good movies! Everyone has his preferences, but on the jury I cannot have any subjective emotion. To me that is a new challenge!"

THE GRANDMASTER (YUT DOI JUNG SI) became the favorite for Best Film, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. Tonight Chi Tan and Sandra Ng Kwan Yu will present Best Actor together. Golden Horse and Asia Pacific Best Actor Lee Kang-Sheng with STRAY DOG battles THE GRANDMASTER's Tony Leung Chiu Wai again, Japan's Masaharu Fukuyama, India's Irrfan Khan and Korea's Song Kang-Ho were all nominated. If Wai Jai will be able to defeat rival Lee Kang-Sheng, the classic scene of "Ip Man presents an award to Ip Man" will appear.

Would Chi Tan favor Wai Jai? He seriously said, "I am very fair and just, I won't play favorites!" As for Wai Jai's chances, Chi Tan said, "You will know tonight!" As for Best Actress Zhang Ziyi is the favorite. The 2008 Asian Film Award Best Actress, SECRET SUNSHINE's Jeon Do-Yeon will also attend tonight's award ceremony.

Chi Tan lately has become addicted to movies. Because he was too busy with work, normally he relied on buying DVDs to enjoy at home. Earlier he bought over 10 DVDs at the Causeway Bay HMV, many fans asked him for a photo. Anyone would have thought that Chi Tan's favorite would be action film, but it was just the opposite; he watched action films the least. Chi Tan explained, "I really like to watch movies of different genres, I can absorb inspirations. However I would watch action films less, as I don't want to influence my action sequence designs!"

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