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Joey Yung starred in the 2012 DIVA, which was well responded to
Chapman To was once like a brother to Andy Lau, but later they rarely work together
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Joey Yung Cho Yi and Chapman To Man Chak two nights ago were both guests at Ronald Ng Lok Sing's concert. Joey performed again after healing her voice, while Ah Jat and Ng Lok Sing both were Diocesan Boy's School alumni so he went on stage to create atmosphere. He chose to sing Yung Cho Yi's AVOIDING YOU and said, "This song is dedicated to Joey because earlier our boss (Albert) Yeung Sau Sing made a movie and said that he would make her Best Actress. However she didn't win but I won Best Actor. She just realized that I tricked her, I chose this song in hopes that she wouldn't run into a jerk like me every again in her lifetime."

Ah Jat indeed successfully had the audience holding their sides from laughing, but enraged Joey to open fire online yesterday. "Democracy Hero To Man Chak, I have always done my part. When people gave me opportunities I would grasp it hard. When I made DIVA it was never for Best Actress, but as an adult, when will you learn not to stir up trouble, not step on others to prop yourself high. I have helped me and I thank you, but you with your way with words has not only hurt others more than once for fun. I really can tolerate it anymore, no matter how you learn to package your image, you are the only person I despise in show business. Tigers can't just their stripes, even Buddha can have rage." Joey who has always laughed off any rumor and storm this time truly was enraged. A joke in the eyes of others touched a nerve with her.

Reportedly boss Yeung Sau Sing was also very tense about Joey's rage and asked their manager Mani Fok Man Hei to comfort Joey. Ah Jat rapidly apologized online. "Last night at my high school classmate Ng Lok Sing's concert, I in order to strengthen the atmosphere without careful consideration told a joke that I shouldn't have told. Now I in the most sincere manner apologize to Ms. Yung Cho Yi. In my life I have never said anything that I have regretted. This was the only exception because I cherish this friendship very much. Thank you for giving me the title of 'Democracy Hero', from now on I would continue to speak up about social injustice. As for other nonsensical jokes, after this incident I would tell less. I am not asking for your forgiveness, I just hope that everything is fine with you! Sorry!"

Later Ah Jat again posted, "As a comedy actor, of course being funny in the most important! However, sometimes for effect I would hurt someone and not know it. Actually that's not good. Not to mention, if I really hope to be an artist who is able to uphold justice and serve the people, I should watch more words more carefully to ensure my own credibility. With this incident, I should properly examine myself. This not only insulted friends but also my own post. From now on I should be more careful."

Manager Mani Fok Man Hei believed that it was a misunderstanding, the Ah Jat that she knew would not build his own happiness on others' pain. Yet she admitted that her heart ached for the easy going Joey who got hurt. As a manager she could only hope to resolve the knots in their hearts.

Joey's mood did not seem to improve. Last night at the second concert Ah Jat did not want to affect the concert and was absent. Joey arrived and did not accept any interview. She only waved to the media and fans before going in to prepare. Actually two nights ago Joey was in a good mood before Ah Jat took the stage. Her performance remained stable after her vocal cord damage. She even said to fans that she was finally healed after 3 months of rest and thanked everyone for their support.

To Man Jat often insulted people, as many artists like Andy Lau Tak Wa, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin, Anthony Wong Chau Sun and others in the business once had disputes with him. He and Lau Tak Wa were friendly before. When Ah Jat wed Krystal Tin Yui Nei, Lau Tak Wa and Ng Kwan Yu were their best man and maid of honor. Lau Tak Wa even rented a mansion to him at a friendly rate. Later because Lau Tak Wa declined to invest on the ISABELLA sequel, Ah Jat turned on Lau Tak Wa and even the mansion; he also insulted Ng Kwan Yu before, but in recent years Ah Jat has become much more reserved and their relationship was repaired.

Ah Sa earlier revealed that when she was with Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, To Man Jat called her a bitch over the phone, which enraged her to the point that he was invisible to her. Once they were on the same flight, Ah Jat apologized to her and she forgave him.

Ah Jat and Wong Chau Sun have already had a grudge. Earlier because of Chief Executive C.Y. Leung's daughter online war of words, Wong Chau Sun took a jab at To Man Chak that he had no friend and that they would never work together again. Tin Yui Nei joined the fray to protect her husband.

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