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Donnie Yen feels that the world has not have "the strongest", only striving to improve is the most important

Whenever he has a long vacation Donnie Yen would take his children on holidays.
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"The Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan's onscreen heroic image has left quite a mark in people's hearts. Out of his costumes, Chi Tan is also a well known good husband and father, he loves his family and feels guilty about missing his children's growth. Thus he cherishes his time with his children very much and even wants to spoil them. He supports them in whatever they want to do and does not oppose to his daughter joining show business. To his pair of babies, Chi Tan absolutely is a "yes man"!

Off camera, Chi Tan plays his role as a father very well; on camera, after 30 years in the business he has three characters that he is the most pleased with, Ip Man, THE MONKEY KING (SAI YAU GEI ji DAI LAU TIN GUNG)'s Sun Wukong, and SPECIAL ID (DUT SHU SUN FUN)'s undercover cop. Everyone is quite familiar with the first two, but Chi Tan says that Sun Wukong is the character that is the most difficult to overcome in his film career. "It truly is physically and mentally draining, everyone knows how much pressure there is. Playing this monkey alone is already hard, the special effect makeup, the process, the enormous amount of investment, the expectation of the boss and the audience make it even harder. So now that its word of mouth is OK after its release, I can relax." He says that actors has to bring themselves into their characters because he feels people have a variety of personalities, like their energetic, quiet, happy, sentimental and wild sides. Whenever he plays a character, he has to "ignite" that part to suit the film character. Does he feel he is destined to be an actor? He says, "I feel I am a destined filmmaker, I don't know if I am a destined actor. I don't what is considered a good actor and what isn't, that depends on the eye of the beholder. However I absolutely feel I am a destined filmmaker. First I love film, and I have a passion and feelings for film." Acting is like life. Because of this passion, Chi Tan's characters on and off camera are played so fittingly.

Speaking of THE MONKEY KING sequel, some pointed out that he might not make it. He does not answer directly. "I not necessarily would or wouldn't, it's too early to think about this since it hasn't come together yet. I will worry about it then, it's all about fate. Let's see if the timing and the opportunity are right then."

As for the Hong Kong film industry, Chi Tan hopes that the government can strongly support it. He says, "This is very important. I have been in show business for 30 years and witnessed several dynasty changes, rises and falls. Hong Kong filmmakers have a lot of determination, at least the Hong Kong filmmakers I have worked with are very passionate." He states that the government provides little resources. "There are a lot of limitations. Korea and other nations' governments are very supportive of their film industries. Their resources are much greater, like shoot locations. Hong Kong is small, which makes it more difficult. So we have to have the government's real support, which would make our Hong Kong filmmakers even more united. Sometimes when we make movies we can't get the locations we want to do in. When we can't get the permits, how can we shoot?"

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  1. I am really happy for Donnie and proud that he is progressing as an actor. I can't wait for his new films under his production company Super Hero to be released. He still has alot of creative juice left in him to birth. I would like to see the government support the arts more too given what Donnie and others contribute to HK financially. I would like to see Donnie's films automatically released in the US more too and not just as a limited engagement. The US is flooding to the Asian film market now, we should return the favor and show more Asian works in the US, too. Give audiences a choice of what's available in international filmmaking!