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Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Tony Leung Ka Fai and Dior Cheng Yi Kin spoke on TVB Entertainment News station program STARTALK about their film HORSEPLAY (DOH MA GEI). Leung Ka Fai said that while shooting in London they ran into a big sale. Kelly everyday rushed through work to go shopping and finally bought back two suitcases worth. Ekin joked, "She really bought everything!" Kelly said that while away from Hong Kong for a month, at first she missed her two sons. Later she completely forgot that her husband was in Hong Kong with her children as she worked and shopped without a care. She even joked that she found some feelings of being single that she has lost for years.

Leung Ka Fai in the film donned a woman disguise. Kelly was jealous of how thin his legs were as they were prettier than girls'. Ekin was interested in a woman disguise as well and hoped to have a chance at the challenge. Ka Fai said that the sacrifice was enormous, as his high heels brought corns and arthritis.

They agreed that they had a lot of confidence in the comedy, and hoped to be able to make more films of this genre to bring viewers positive energy. Ka Fai also praised Kelly had quite a "feel for comedy". Because in the past she was too prepared with her lines, Ka Fai asked her to change that habit before the shoot and perform without any preparation to show her realest side.

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