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Cheung Lai Fong and Cheung Wing Hong
The crew transported Cheung Yiu Wing to the morgue
Cheung Yiu Wing's current wife and former wife (right)
King of Entertainment
Elisa Chan, Cheung Yiu Wing, Maria Cordero and Frances Yip
Paula Tsui
Sam Hui
Chan Suk Fun

Joseph Koo
Eason Chan
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Anita Mui was one of Cheung Yiu Wing's favorite artist.  Mrs. Cheung was with him in the photo
Cheung Yiu Wing and Susanna Kwan
Cheung Yiu Wing's daughter yesterday spoke with the media outside her home and said that she would continue her father's entertainment business
Cheung Yiu Wing fulfilled Anita Mui's final concert wish
David Tao
William So
Dick Cheung
The Grasshoppers
Ken Choi
Cheung Yiu Wing and Alan Tam
Nicholas Tse
Johnny Yip
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Cheung Yiu Wing started in the construction building. In the 80s he entered the entertainment business and established the Yiu Wing Entertainment Company, the Hong Kong organizer that has organized the most concerts, witnessed the rise and fall of the music scene and was extremely well respected in the business. Aside from his passion for entertainment, he also had a stable of horses, all of which were named with "Entertainment" as a display of his affection for the entertainment business. His daughter Cheung Lai Fong years ago has already helped out at her father's company and will be his successor.

Uncle Yiu Wing built the entertainment company for over 30 years, personally handled a variety of jobs from booking concerts to venues. Some said that he carried a concert schedule with him to make scheduling convenient. In recent years his family did not want him to be too exhausted, his daughter Cheung Lai Fong went to the company to help and take over.

Yesterday she revealed, "Father's wish was for us to be able to continue Yiu Wing Entertainment and bring entertainment to everyone." Although Uncle Yiu Wing in recent years has reduced his concert organizations, he was invited to assist with many concert organizations. Everyone knew that he liked the cheer and could play along.

He has a stable or horses and they all had "entertainment" in their names, like Treasure of Entertainment, Entertainment Lucky Star, and King of Entertainment. King of Entertainment on May 17, 1992 won the Chairman's Prize.

Although Cheung Yiu Wing had close relationships with people in the business, he rarely had any rumor. He once was linked to Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying; Sister Kuk yesterday felt that the passing was sudden and saddening. She reiterated that the rumor was not true. Kwan Kuk Ying and Cheung Yiu Wing have worked together on many concerts. Yiu Wing participated in the production of Sister Kuk's 2011 concerts. She said that when she received the news of Uncle Yiu Wing, she felt very sadden and it was very sudden. She could not believe it. She said, "I have worked with him on many concerts, Uncle Yiu Wing was a great person, very helpful to many artists. I miss you." As for memories of Uncle Yiu Wing, she said, "He was very willing to help others, when I heard that he passed I was very upset. I wish him a safe journey, and send his family my condolences." As for the rumor, she said that she never felt they ever existed. Uncle Yiu Wing was the elder who everyone respected.

Cheung Yiu Wing contributed over 30 years to the concert business. Although he once due to government's excessive restrictions on venue booking became disillusioned and thought about quitting, in the end he still continued on; he even felt that no matter how bad the market was, everyone loved entertainment so concerts would always be viable. During his time as a concert investor, at the peak he booked 70% of the Hong Kong Coliseum schedule. When singers wanted to perform concerts, they must ask Mr. Cheung about the schedule. He helped many singers to the stage and became Heavenly Kings and Queens. He also gave many singers a hand. He admitted that the most memorable was the 2003 Anita Mui Yim Fong concert. At the time Ah Mui was already very seriously ill, but because Ah Mui personally said to him, "Mr. Cheung if you don't help me with my concert, you won't die with my eyes closed." Because at the time many organizers knew Ah Mui was seriously ill, if they booked the venue for concerts they would have to take the risk that she might not be able to be on stage and lose almost 10 million in venue booking, tickets and production costs. However he heard what Ah Mui said and decided to take the risk. In case Ah Mui could not perform other singers would finish the show.

Ah Mui's first concert to her final one were all Mr. Cheung organized. He even fulfilled Ah Mui's dream of a wedding stage for her to wear a wedding gown and be wed at the Hong Kong Coliseum. Mr. Cheung recalled the moment as his heart ached. "Backstage she almost could not move, but on the stage she was another person. By the last show everyone expected a substitute to perform for her, but she still insisted on performing to the last moment. Such a good singer was truly rare."

Mr. Cheung helped a galaxy of stars. At the end of last year he also helped Taiwan singer David Tao Jit avert a concert cancellation. Because Tao Jit's concert organizer suddenly had a problem, an insider asked Mr. Cheung for help on behalf of Tao Jit. He without any hesitation immediately landed one date in December at the Convention Center for Tao Jit and confirmed that the concert would not be cancelled. Then he asked a group of organizers to chip in and organize this concert. Everyone knew that they would not make any money, but understood that Mr. Cheung just wanted to help. So they supported him. In the end Tao Jit successfully completed the show. Such heroic behavior made people respect him.

William So Wing Hong felt that Cheung Yiu Wing lived up to his "Father of Concerts" title, as he was his benefactor. He remembered in 2002 Uncle Yiu Wing held a two show concert series for him, he only broke even. Because of the good momentum they organized a Part II concert, but he "acted up" in Taiwan and became involved in a drug case. At the time Uncle Yiu Wing asked if he needed a lawyer in Taiwan and he could send money to Taiwan at any time. His Part II concert was only 60% sold. He remembered Uncle Yiu Wing with a big stack of tickets telling people to distribute them so the Hong Kong Coliseum would be packed. Although the concert lost money he did not haggle, as he paid him the full HK$400,000 salary. He said that he could only help that much and told him to be good from then on. He also respected Cheung Yiu Wing for spreading the concert culture from Hong Kong to Asia. In the Chinese music history, Cheung Yiu Wing's name could not be omitted.

Dicky Cheung Wai Kin said, "Hong Kong having an elder with as much heart for music as Uncle Wing Yiu was a blessing for Hong Kong people and singers. Many singers from the 70s, 80s to now all received benefits from him. Over 90% of concerts directly and indirectly were his investments. His sudden passing was of course surprising, but at the same time he was blessed. He was already in his 80s when he passed away peacefully and without pain at home. My only regret was that he asked me to perform a talk show many times, but I turned him down. However we brothers took turn performing concerts and Big Four concerts, which gave me many opportunities to work with Uncle Yiu Wing. He was an elder who watched us grow up. I hope very soon a second and a third Father of Concerts will appear, although he would not be easily replaced. There might not be anyone with as much heart as he did in several decades, but I hope there would be."

Gigi Leung Wing Kei said, "Uncle Yiu Wing took great care of the younger folks. He organized three of my concerts. Our last collaboration was in early 2011, he knew that after my Beijing concert I really wanted to perform in Hong Kong. Without any hesitation he filed the paperwork for me. On the eve of the show, he even kept everyone company at rehearsal until 3AM. After the concerts, he was very happy and asked me to perform again in two years. Who knew that it was our last collaboration......Uncle Yiu Wing was passionate and happy, deeply respected in the business. He helped countless singers fulfill their Hong Kong Coliseum dream, I was one of them. I am very appreciative for his help!"

Ken Choi Fung Wa thanked Uncle Yiu Wing for fulfilling his Hong Kong Coliseum dream online. "Mr. Cheung Yiu Wing was the elder I respected the most. He organized countless concerts for me and fulfilled my Hong Kong Coliseum dream. I couldn't thank him enough! Uncle Yiu Wing's passing saddened and upset me very much. I send my condolences to his family! Uncle Yiu Wing have a safe journey.....miss you always!"

The Grasshoppers and Cheung Yiu Wing worked together many times. Choi Yat Chi said that Uncle Yiu Wing was an elder that the Grasshoppers respected very much. They have worked together many times since they were little, from Ocean Palace to the Hong Kong Coliseum. Uncle Yiu Wing gave many opportunities to artists to fulfill their music dreams. He even strongly supported the Grasshoppers' June concert. They hoped that Uncle Yiu Wing would rest in peace in a faraway place. The Grasshoppers would miss him. Every time they passed by the Hong Kong Coliseum they would see his enduring spirit.

Cheung Yiu Wing got along famously with those in entertainment, except that he and Alan Tam Wing Lun had an unresolved issue. He once said that they would never work together again; however, yesterday Alan and Kenny Bee (Chung Chun To) both eulogized Cheung Yiu Wing online. Alan wrote, "Have a safe journey" while Ah B posted, "Hong Kong concert godfather Mr. Cheung Yiu Wing, have a safe journey!"

Alan and Cheung Yiu Wing have always worked together until 2004. That year Impact sued Yiu Wing for HK$820,000 reportedly in connection with the Alan Tam and Hacken Lee Hak Kun concert costs. Cheung Yiu Wing at the time said that after more than 10 years of working together, he never had a share in profit but always had a share of the debt. He mainly targeted their film THE TIGERS: THE LEGEND OF CANTON's over 4 million in losses and when he and Anthony Chan Yau operated a Mainland television station his 40 million investment was also lost. He never asked to check the books but in the end he was sued, thus he would rather fight in court. He once said that since they were no longer friends, he asked them for the books on the losses. In 2007 Cheung Yiu Wing stated that from then on he would never work with the Wynners again.

Nicholas Tse Ting Fung last year discussed a concert with Cheung Yiu Wing, but because he was too busy with work he could not make time. He never thought that they would not have a chance to work together again. Ting Fung was very saddened by Uncle Yiu Wing's passing; he said that Uncle Yiu Wing's contributions to concerts were enormous. Because Ting Fung has not performed a concert in a long time and mainly worked on films, last year when he wanted to perform he did not have enough time and was unable to. Ting Fung said that he truly regretted that he would never be able to work with the "Father of Concerts" again.

Eason Chan Yik Shun said, "Mr. Cheung was an elder who I respected very much, he made a lot of contributions to music. Rest in peace, my condolences to his family."

Master composer Joseph Koo Ka Fai expressed deep regret over Cheung Yiu Wing's passing. When asked about their past, Brother Fai said, "I can't think of anything suddenly, but we have worked together on the 'James Wong and Joseph Koo concert'."

Yesterday Fung Hang Record held a banquet. Johnny Yip Chun Tong and Louie Castro (Ga Si Lok) attended. The guests before the banquet gave a moment of silence to the Malaysia plane crash victims and Cheung Yiu Wing. Yip Chun Tong said that he has known Uncle Yiu Wing for years, but could not remember if he organized any concert for him. He remembered that when he performed, Uncle Yiu Wing booked two tables in support. Ga Si Lok said that Cheung Yiu Wing was an elder who people respected. Although they might not work together, they played mahjong together; in his impression he was very gentle like a father. His passing was very sudden, but it was blessing that he did not suffer.

Cheung Yiu Wing organized Elisa Chan Kit Ling's concert with Frances Yip Lai Yi and Maria Cordero last year. Elisa revealed that Mr. Cheung had a private communication method because Mr. Cheung and her late husband had the same name. She joked, "Every time he saw me he would yell Cheung Yiu Wing's wife, it was very funny and very intimate." She knew that Mr. Cheung's health was poor and heard about his kidney problem. However Mr. Cheung personally did everything. If Sir Run Run Shaw (Siu Yat Fu) represented the film industry, Mr. Cheung definitely represented the music industry.

Yip Lai Yi said that her first concert was Mr. Cheung's. She praised Mr. Cheung as an elder who was responsible and loved singers. Fat Ma two weeks ago saw Mr. Cheung betting on horses alone in Macau and even said that he applied for a concert for her next year.

Master singer Paula Tsui Siu Fung thought the news of Mr. Cheung was sudden. At first she thought it was a mistake. She said, "At my last concert he looked very alert and even had a lot of fun. We have worked together countless times, of course I am unhappy."

Yiu Wing Entertainment was one of the organizers of "Song God" Sam Hui Koon's April concert series. Currently in Shanghai, Hui Koon Kit stated that he was very sadden to hear about Cheung Yiu Wing's passing. Having known him for years, he said that his first concert was Cheung Yiu Wing organized. He admitted, "Uncle Yiu Wing truly made great contributions to the Hong Kong concert business, I was very shocked to hear this news because it was too sudden! My condolences to his family."

In addition, the end of March Ronald Ng Lok Sing concert, May Day's concert, and June's Della Ding concert would all go on as scheduled.

Concert producer Chan Suk Fun revealed yesterday morning after receiving Cheung Yiu Wing's family notification about Mr. Cheung's passing broke down. She felt "very heart broken, very sadden, very shocked and hard to believe". Two days ago she, Mr. Cheung and other producers had a Summer Pop meeting. At the time they even happily posed for a photo together. "After the meeting we dined together, at night we dined with Lai Goo (Deborah Li). Mr. Cheung was chatting and laughing at dinner, both his mood and appetite were great. I never would have guessed that less than six hours later he was already in Heaven!"

Mrs. Chan described Mr. Cheung as the artists' "Wong Tai Sin". "Whenever they called he answered, win or lose, any performance he was willing to put in money and effort. Thus he cultivated many Heavenly Kings and Superstars as well as the Hong Kong concert market. He influenced the entire Chinese community's entertainment business." He sent her deepest condolences on behalf of the Performing Industry Association to Mr. Cheung's family.

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